What Are the Best Android Browsers?

Browsers are of great use for everyone. People of all ages use it to search for things, find places of interest, and download stuff among many others. But if your default browser is not good enough, you may feel a bit infuriated. Worry not as in today's blog, we will be discussing t

This syntax helps a user to transform his/her browser according to their needs.

Steps to change the default home page of your android browser

Open the browser to visit the default android web browser.


From the top right corner of your screen, click on the menu option.


You will need to click on the Settings option from there and then find and select the android browser settings option. Open it to proceed further.


Now find the general settings tab and then click on the select homepage option.


You will need to enter the URL of the browser that you want to be as your default homepage.


In case you face any errors in the newly set browser or if you regret setting it as your default browser, you can change the browser again with the help of content://com.android.browser.home/index. it is quite similar to the syntax we used earlier and offers the same services. 

Follow the steps given below to change your browser webpage again.

Open the settings of your device, to begin with.


From the settings, browse and find the apps and notifications bar and open it.


Now, click on the default apps option from there.


From there you will need to click on the browser option.


A list will appear on the screen, choose the browser application that suits you the best and save the changes after you are done.


These steps can also help you in changing your browser homepage.

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