Quick Guide: How To Cite All Types Of Sources In Harvard Referencing Style?

The tricky details of citing assignments with Harvard style referencing is made easy by the online citation generator tools. Moreover, the above article's guide is also available for the students to take a quick look and understand the necessary details.

The Harvard referencing style is an author-date referencing system, which can be used across academic disciplines to cite other scholarly works while working on projects. Students can currently use the sixth edition of the ‘Style Manual for Authors Editors and Printers’ if their assignments require Harvard style citation. Also, one has to cite each of the text sources, known as an in-text citation, to inform where the information has been fetched and eliminate plagiarism chances.  

The Harvard referencing style allows students and research scholars to cite sources of information ranging from across the types. Here we will share the details about citing sources of different kinds in the Harvard referencing style. Read on-

 Cite A Website In Harvard Style

The format for citing a web page in a website in Harvard referencing style will be like-

  • Name of the author/s, last name followed by first name initials
  • Title (in italics)
  • Publisher
  • Date viewed and retrieved
  • The web address in brackets

One can use the online Harvard referencing generator like CiteThisForMe.fom to format website sources accurately.

Cite A Blog In Harvard Style

While students can use the online Harvard generator for accurate citation listing, the format for citing a blog in this style will be like-

  • Author/s surname in the list followed by the first name
  • Year published
  • Title of the blog
  • Viewed Day Month Year
  • URL

If you are confused with the details, the online Harvard reference generators are smart ways to create a properly formatted citation and bibliography list.

Cite A Facebook Post In Harvard Style

The experts at the online coursework writing service assert that social media posts help establish the credibility of the assignment. So, citing a Facebook post in your project using Harvard style referencing generator keeping the following elements in place-

  • Author name
  • Year posted
  • 'The first few words of the post, [...]'
  • Facebook post day and month
  • Post viewed day and month
  • Post retrieved day and month
  • URL

There are online Harvard referencing tools to help students avoid plagiarism issues while citing Facebook and other social media posts.

The automated online Harvard style referencing generator also help students cite the extraordinarily long and challenging URLs. These tools break the URL for line break at slash marks whenever possible and give the URL of the report or document's home page as long as the website has a search facility.

Cite Audio-Visual Sources In Harvard Style

  • Harvard style approves DVD, videos, films, online steaming video links, podcast, and TV and radio programs as audio-visual sources.
  • A reliable Harvard bibliography generator helps cite all the sources with accuracy.
  • The author/producer/director surname, initial(s) year, title, type of medium, publisher, and place will be listed in the bibliography on all these audio-visual source types.
  • In-text references to television and radio programs will have title and broadcasting year.

Hope this list will help you cite the next assignment better.

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