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When it comes to marriage, Matchmaking kundli and horoscope is essential. Hinduism matches horoscopes or kundli of boy and girl to counter any adverse effects of marriage.



Matchmaking Kundli is important in Hindu tradition and depicts marriage as a pious and eternal bond between two individuals. It is also believed that marriage binds these two souls together regardless of the wealth, prosperity, suffering or happiness that may befall them in the future. In addition, not only traditionally, marriage is a huge commitment to people's mental states as well.


According to the Vedic scriptures, marriage is a divine union; one of the most beautiful experiences in life is a wedding. Everyone longs for an excellent partner with whom they can share joyful moments and cherish memories. Since choosing the right life partner is crucial in India, marriage is a significant factor.


What is Matchmaking Kundli?


When it comes to marriage, Matchmaking kundli nd horoscope is essential. Hinduism matches horoscopes or kundli of boy and girl to counter any adverse effects of marriage. Match prediction astrology includes kundli Milan or kundli matching for marriage. Kundali matchmaking for marriage is a horoscope matching for marriage where the marriage compatibility chart is analyzed and match is made for a happy union. Similarly, astrology also provides several solutions and strategies to counter the negative effects of each dosha.


To ensure a happy and lasting marriage, Hindu astrology lays great emphasis on Janam Kundali Milan, date of birth matching. Kundli matching for marriage before the couple gets married. Originally, the household priest or other astrologer matched the Kundalis of potential couples. However, thanks to Astroeshop astrologer kundli Milan, it is now easy and quick to determine the compatibility of a couple for marriage. 


Astroeshop Kundli Compatibility Calculator engages in online kundli matching and can provide accurate and trustworthy analysis. Online Jyotish matchmaking or online Patrika matching can be completed by entering key details like date of birth, name, time of birth etc. Matching by name and date of birth is one of the most accurate ways to make a list. Kundli matching by date of birth or date of birth matching is a key part of marriage astrology or marriage horoscope. Before the wedding, the bride and the groom take part in jathakam or kundli matching. According to their date of birth and then their compatibility is test. With Astroeshop Online Kundli Milan Calculator you can achieve the results you desire.


Why is Matchmaking Kundli Important?


The decision to marry someone cannot be made in a few meetings. For a relationship to be successful, you need to understand your partner well and spend time getting to know him better. However, you will not always have enough time for this. It is sometimes difficult to analyze a person over several months. Horoscope matching and horoscope compatibility will help you here. A detailed kundli reading for marriage will help you understand these traits. And see how well the couple's nature, interests and temperaments match.


Kundali compatibility is also important because individuals may hide or even lie about their personalities, interests or weaknesses. Kundalis or birth charts do not. It is possible for an individual's personality or interests to change over time for better or for worse. Kundli can help predict these changes and their impact on the relationship between the couple should they get marry.


The marriage horoscope matching process broadly considers these factors – Guna Milan, Navamsa Charts, Yoga and Dosha of individuals. Online Kundli matching by name and date of birth is based on Ashtakoot or Dashakoot method. Out of these, the Ashtakoot method is commonly use for online kundli matching. The Gunas or 8 different aspects are use in the pairing of Patrick with the future bride and groom. Points are assign to each aspect based on compatibility within it. The sum of all the points gives you a compatibility score between partners. The influence of stars and planets on married life is also explore.

How to get a kundli matching service from Astroeshop?


"How can I get my kundli?" If you are one of the people who want to get the best kundli from the best astrologers in India, then you are at the right place. At Astroeshop we not only provide you Kundli but the most valuable matchmaking service of our astrologer.


Astrology matchmaking kundli will help you determine if the boy/girl you are with is the best match for you. It will give you insight into your relationship. In addition, it will help you understand the problems you may face in your relationship, the remedies and how to make your partner satisfied and happy. Just log into our app/website with basic information about you and your partner and see what the stars say about your relationship with your partner.


Factors in Kundli Match Making?


Every person is different in their own way. Although our physical appearance is different, it is surprising to know that the type of energy we emit is also unique. Its ruling planets create a person's energy in the birth chart. These rarely change. Therefore, it is very necessary to find a potential partner whose energy completely balances and balances. It's possible that your vibration doesn't align with that of others, keeping you and everyone else you meet unique. This is where Kundli's matching comes to the rescue. Kundli matchmaking provides the most accurate analysis of planets between 2 people to check if they are in harmony.


Kundli Matchmaking or tewa match is also influence by several factors:


Guna Milan-

The 8 Gunas, or Ashtakoota, are determine by a janam kundli marriage base on the pairing of the bride and groom. The harmony between these 8 gunas determines the outcome of the union when using the name and date of the birth match in kundali matching. The basis for Guna Milan is the placement of the Moon in the natal charts of the groom and the bride. "Ashtakoot Milan '' is the name of the Guna Milan procedure use in North India. In Sanskrit, "Ashta '' means "eight" and "Koota" means "elements". These are 8 koot-matching horoscopes for weddings.


Varna/Jaati- This contrasts with the female and male Varna, or caste. The Groom's Varna must be greater than or equal to the Bride's Varna. This component sheds light on how cognitively compatible the two are.


There are four divisions: Brahmins (the highest), Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras (the lowest).


The jataka match for a married couple receives a score of 1, indicating the highest degree of compatibility if both are from the same Varna. In contrast, if the boy's Varna is Shudra and the girl is Brahmin, they get no points.


Vasya- This Guna allows us to logically deduce who will be more authoritative and influential during Gun Milan based on the jataka match or Indian marriage compatibility by date of birth.


This can reach a maximum of two points. The balance of power between couples also counts, along with evidence of mutual desire and marital control.


Vasya can be divided into five categories: Chatushpada or four-legged creatures; Dwipad or two-legged beings; Jalachars or water creatures; Vanachar, or wild creatures; and Keets (insects).


Tara – the health factor in a relationship is assess by comparing the birth star or Tara of the couple being married. Tara means star, as the name itself suggests. There are 12 zodiac signs in total and if we divide them further we get 27 natal stars or Nakshatras.


Astrologers examine Kundali Milan for marriage suitability based on Nakshatras, which are further classified into nine subgroups.


Yoni – This fourth Koot is use to measure a couple's level of closeness, romance, sexual compatibility and share love. There are 14 categories list under Yoni Koota: Horse, Elephant, Sheep, Snake, Dog, Cat, Rat, Cow, Buffalo, Deer, Monkey, Tiger, Lion and Mongoose.


Two individuals receive four points if they fall under the same type of (friendly) animal, while those who fall into the enemy animal category receive zero points.


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