How Pitcher Mould Is Made

We need to drink a certain amount of water every day, and we will be in contact with the kettle.

We need to drink a certain amount of water every day, and we will be in contact with the kettle. In other words, this is very important in our daily life, we can see the kettle anytime and anywhere. But do you know how to make Pitcher Mould? What are the key steps? And what equipment will be used?

First, you should have a general idea. The kettle is made through two key steps and two different processes. The first process is to make PET preforms by a PET injection molding machine, and then the second step is to blow the shape of the water bottle by a blow molding device.

  1. Preform

The weight, stretch and transparency of the preform will affect the effect of the bottle. Therefore, if you have the idea of investing in a bottle plan, you should make sure how many bottles (500 ml, 1000 ml or 2 liters) are produced. The volume of the bottle affects the thickness, weight and cycle time of the preform. Generally, the greater the capacity, the thicker the thickness, the greater the weight, and the longer the cycle time. In addition, most PET preform molds are multi-cavity. Before consulting, you'd better understand the hourly production capacity, the supplier needs this information to recommend the cavity and the tonnage of the injection molding machine.

  1. The final water bottle

The blowing device consists of a blowing part and a heating furnace. Before blow molding, you must put the PET preform in an oven to heat it. Then take it out and blow the preform into the final bottle. When you choose bottle blowing equipment, please provide the neck diameter and hourly output to the supplier, he will give you the most suitable and professional advice.

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