How much does a facial hair transplant cost?

The facial hair transplant cost is $1400 to $11000 based on some factors like graft amount. The cost varies in several regions. Ask the exact amount from your local provider.

Beard transplant is a popular hair transplant procedure where new hair is grown on the face. The process is carried out to add more hair to the existing beard or providing a whole new hair growth. The scalp hair is transplanted to the area missing the hair.

Facial Hair Transplant Cost

The facial hair transplant cost ranges from $1400 to $11000. The process involves making note of the facial dimensions. This is done to achieve balance. The hair follicles are harvested from the scalp’s back and are implanted into the deficient space.

Price Factors

The facial hair transplant cost is set depending on some factors.

1. Surgeon Ability and Practice 

The ability and experience of the individual performing the facial hair transplant matters as is very crucial for the success of the process. The artistic process includes taking the angles of the hair that only an expert knows. A common person cannot do this procedure. The surgeon’s skill decides the price.

2. Grafts 

The facial hair transplant cost is set as per the number of grafts to be performed. The price will change as the number of grafts will increase. The price per graft is different in location wise. Get the precise figure by consulting with the provider of the facial hair transplant near you.

Type of Anesthesia 

The cost is also set depending on the type of anesthesia chosen. The surgeon confirms this considering the individual’s health condition, medication and response.


The facility where the procedure will be carried out sets the price. If it is modern or ultra-modern, involving the latest beard hair transplant equipment, the price will be more compared with standard equipment used.

Method Used for Facial Hair Transplant  

To give a full-fledged beard, the method used to accomplish the task is FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction. Also, Follicular Unit Transplant or strip technique is used as per the patient’s facial hair condition.

Individuals Eligible for Facial Hair Transplant

The person suitable for facial hair transplant process is the one with uneven hair on the face or patches, and those wanting a thicker moustache or a full beard.

Facial Hair Transplant Considerations

The facial hair transplantation includes some genuine consideration. These are the standard happenings.

  • Setting up Beard angles
  • Amount of Graft
  • Forceps used for extraction
  • Anesthesia
  • Graft implantation  
  • Needle for making holes
  • Hydrating graft
  • Using Betadine
  • Washing the transferred hair
  • Taking antibiotic
  • Dressing


The facial hair transplant cost can be cheap or can be costly. It all depends upon some factors like number of grafts, above stated factors and an individual’s health condition. Remember, never to go for cheap cost, go for the quality treatment as it is a medical process that can go south. The only thing important is the positive outcome and good health after the process is complete.


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