Unique Places to In Visit in North India

If you love mountains, jangle, and desert and are addicted to adventure, North India is your ideal Tourist destination.

If you love mountains, jangle, and desert and are addicted to adventure, North India is your ideal Tourist destination. However, North India is not a tiny place to cover easily within a few days as it is spread across 1.421 million square km. North India has many options for spellbinding natural beauties, historical places, and mesmerizing architecture. So, these are some most famous dream destinations of North India:



Not only India but Kashmir is considered the world's most beautiful place, so people named it heaven on Earth. The surreal beauty of snow-capped mountains, the picturesque views of mountain jungles, and beautiful lakes at high altitude makes Kashmir a real-life paradise. Srinagar is the most popular city and capital of Kashmir which acts as a central hub of the market and various activities in Kashmir. If you enjoy the snow, December to February is ideal. However, March to August is the best time for the Kashmir tour. Sheikh ul-Alam International Airport in Srinagar is the nearest to Kashmir. Srinagar and Jammu Railway Station are the top stations for traveling in Kashmir.



Jaisalmer is famous for its beautiful deserts and golden dunes. The desert covers thousands of kilometers and has a magical vibe that attracts many tourists every year. You can see many endangered species of animals and birds in the Desert national park. Indian bustard is the top attraction of this park. Jaisalmer City is full of historical and cultural events, and the architecture of this city embodies these events. Prominent forts, Havelis, and gardens are one of the top attractions of this city in Rajasthan. You can see many famous Jain and Hindu temples there. You can also buy stunning local arrests from Jaisalmer market. Camel rides, safari rides, jeep safari rides in the desert, and the sunset view are some of the top highlights. Jaisalmer Airport is the nearest airport.


Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is the first and one of the biggest national parks in India, which is an ideal destination for long weekends. You can spot many popular animals, such as elephants, bears,  deer, leopards, reptiles, and birds. This national park is spread across jungle, Grasslands, and hills. The government divides the park into six zones, and Dhikala is the most visited palace by tourists, amongst others. November to February is the best time for Jim Corbett National Park tour. Ramnagar is the nearest train station.



Agra, the city of Uttar Pradesh, is famous for one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the TajMahal. Not only in north India, but Agra is also one of the most visited places in India by tourists from all over the world. Agra is a historical city with mind-blowing architecture, royal monuments, and other beautiful sights. UNESCO enlists the city as a world heritage. The city is known for its Golden Triangle circuit, and emporiums, local markets, and mouthwatering street foods are also some highlights. October to March is the ideal time to visit.


From popular cities to picturesque architecture to enchanting natural beauty, north India provides a wide variety for tourists. It is nearly impossible to cover the whole northern part in a single tour. Therefore, you can start your dream tour from these tourist spots mentioned earlier.

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