Nellore District Welfare Projects to Improve Quality of Life by NCBN.

Get to know more about TDP Achievements.

In all 10 Assembly Constituencies, including, 307 SC and STs, 505 Members of united common Forming Societies, their legal heirs at law, and other landless poor persons were approved for the allocation of D- form Pattas to the extent of, 276 acres. If the government were to give the poorest of the poor benefits of Rs.626 crores ($10.00 lakhs per acre). For more TDP achievements visit our website.

Acres of government land has been given to 5 systems, including APIIC (, 621 acres), APTIDCO (582 acres), and others.

Punaadi to raise educational morals for indigenous people and to give instructors working in these areas exposure programs, the state government introduced the" Punadi" program. Also, 151 open training positions in various racial seminaries would soon be filled. 348 of these positions would be filled through elevations, and the remaining positions would be filled through direct hiring. To stay updated on TDP leaders and N. Chandrababu Naidu developments look at our website.

External Domestic Junior College was founded for the first time in the state to offer talented, depressed youths who attended government seminaries Commercial Education with Domestic. IIT, NIEET, IIIT, and NIT contenders studying in Social Welfare and Tribal Welfare Residential Junior Colleges are given special competitive coaching.

During the times 1882 – 1886, Sangam Anicut was erected across the Penna River to supply water to the conduits of Nellore, Kanupur, Kavali, and Kanigiri.3.85 lakh acres of land are irrigated mainly by this shower. To meet the growing demand for the Kanupur and Kavali conduits, the water position rises by 0.90 meters yearly. For more about NCBN's contribution reach our website.

Sandbagging over the shower has long been a practice that has brought the government lakhs of rupees in periodic waste. A new shower was demanded, and work on it has been ongoing nearly 8 times. The design has to be finished by October 2017. The assignment's due date has been extended until March 2019.

Nellore Urban Development Authority (NUDA) Housing Project this design aims to give affordable casing for low-income families in the Nellore megacity. It includes the construction of multi-story apartments and individual houses for eligible families. It was started in 2016. Nellore Rural Housing Project This design focuses on furnishing casing for pastoral families living below the poverty line. It includes the construction of individual houses and community casing units in colorful townlets of the Nellore quarter.

Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Project this design aims to ameliorate the health and nutrition of children in the Nellore quarter through a range of services including supplementary nutrition, immunization, and health check-ups.

Nellore District Rural Water Supply Project This design aims to give safe and sustainable drinking water force to pastoral homes in the Nellore quarter through the construction of new water force schemes and the recuperation of bones. To stay updated on your district developments and the Latest news about TDP visit our website.

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