'Madden 21' player rating update week 16: Davante Adams joins the 99 club and other changes

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As the NFL enters the final game of the regular season, Madden 21 updated the player ratings for week 16. Among the changes include a football player entering the elusive 99 club, and players who fall in love can get these characters, which can be obtained through Madden 21 Coins. The other has withdrawn from this elite level.

In updating its Madden 21 player ratings to reflect Week 16, due to his outstanding performance in Sunday night football against the Tennessee Giants, EA Sports brought Green Bay Packers’ successor Davant Adams into it. 99 clubs.

Adams captured 11 passes for 142 yards (11 yards) and scored 3 goals to help the Packers maintain the NFC championship. Participating members include Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams, Dean Hopkins of the Arizona Cardinals, Patrick Mahones of the Kansas City Chiefs, and Stephen Gilmore of the New England Patriots. The only member of the 99-level club.

There is one more member of the crew, but he actually lost that position this week. The Carolina Panthers, who ran back to Christian McCaffrey, were injured by an injury in one season. They have only participated in three games this season. McCaffrey dropped to 98. Minute.

Other players are gradually approaching the coveted 99 level. The Tennessee Titans ran back to Derrick Henry and continued his superb season and MVP aspirations for the Packers, making 23 attempts with a gritty 98 yards. Although the 16th week was not his best performance, Henry continued to perform well. As a result, his overall rating improved from 95 points to 96 points.

Buffalo Bills fan Stephon Diggs won his AFC Offensive Week Player of the Week of the 16th week and raised his score from 95 to 96. Diggs caught nine passes for 145 yards and made three touchdowns as Bill beat the Patriots in the 38:9 "Monday Night Football." Not all players can get the best honor in the game, but as long as you Buy Madden 21 Coins, the chance of winning is very high.


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