The Difference Between Semi-automatic And Fully Automatic Stenter

At present, most Flat Screen Printer manufacturers are using semi-automatic Flat Screen Printer.

At present, most Flat Screen Printer manufacturers are using semi-automatic Flat Screen Printer. Licheng Machinery will introduce the printing operation method of semi-automatic Flat Screen Printer:
The semi-automatic Flat Screen Printer is developed from the traditional manual Flat Screen Printer. The operation method is also simplified a lot. You don't need to master too much professional knowledge, and you can know how to operate it after a certain amount of training. This is of course a training process before the employees of the customer operating the machine learn.

Before running the semi-automatic Flat Screen Printer, prepare the products and screen printing inks that need to be printed. Of course, check whether the machine and the screen are normal before starting production. Certain functions of the machine are of course completely built-in on the machine operation interface, and only a few buttons need to be known. For example: printing speed. It can be adjusted according to the operator's proficiency in the machine. The most important thing is the quality of the machine-printed products.
Ordinary semi-automatic Flat Screen Printers are equipped with a set of foot-operated start-up devices, mainly to facilitate the operator to start or stop the machine without pressing the buttons on the machine, because the semi-automatic machine has a process that needs to put the product on the machine during production. Because it is not very convenient to operate with all hands on the surface, the manufacturer of Flat Screen Printer specially designed a set of simple devices for operators to use when designing the machine.
Of course, all current Flat Screen Printers have been upgraded to fully automatic printing, which has made great progress both in technology and after-sales service. Here only introduce a simple semi-automatic Flat Screen Printer operation method. If you want to know about the fully automatic Stenter, you can leave a message online or call, and we will definitely help you solve the problem.

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