Oahu Fishing Charters: The Finest Fishing Experience

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All aboard the vessel at Flyer Sportfishing for a game fishing experience of a lifetime. Our Oahu fishing charters start from the North Shore of Oahu at Haleiwa, Hawaii, and take you into the Pacific depths to catch the big fishes. Our experienced crew knows where the big fishes are and can take you to hotspot fishing waters on the Pacific. Along the way, you can expect to reel in the heavyweights like Striped Marlin, Ono, Ahi Tuna, Mahi Mahi, and other game fishes found in these waters.


We have professional trolling equipment and a revolutionary fighting chair to help you land the catch of your dreams. We also cater to groups and have comfortable bunk beds to rest and lounge-like seating on the deck where you can enjoy the Pacific horizon and the Hawaiian islands' mesmerizing beauty.


You can book half-day or full-day fishing charters and keep your catch if you want to. Our professionals will advise you on tips to cook your catch the local Hawaiian way.


Our Boat and Crew

Headed by the three decade-plus experience of our chief angler, Captain Jared Tow, our crew are experienced professionals who know the Pacific waters inside out. Our vessel, the 31' Eastern Sport Fisher, is equipped with all the fishing tools, equipment, and comforts so that you can enjoy a carefree game fishing experience.


Our boat includes clean toilets, bunk beds, a refrigerator, and all professional fishing equipment to cater to budding and seasoned anglers alike.


Embark on an unforgettable trip during your Hawaiian holidays with Flyer Sportfishing. Call 808-365-2520 to book our half-day or full-day Oahu fishing charters.


Business name- Flyer Sportfishing

Phone no- (808) 365-2520

Address-  66-105 Haleiwa Rd, Haleiwa, HI 96712


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