Italian Marble Polishing Services

Types of Italian Marble Finishes

There are different types of finishes available in Italian Marble. These finishes are done on top of plain surface. When you buy Italian Marble it is absolutely plain. We can get it High Glossed Polished. Mirror Finish Polish Diamond Polish are really smooth polish. You can see your own image in the marble surface. That’s why it is called Mirror finish or Mirror Polish.


Apart from these common Polishes, there is Honed Finish. Honed finish on italian marble polishing services is slightly rough. Sand blasting is another process which makes Marble more rougher.


Italian Marble is highly preferred with Mirror Polish. This also gives very smooth surface. if your floor is rough if people walk with shoes, dust might get accumulated. Hence on floor always Plain finish or Mirror Finish is recommended. 99% of the times Italian marble floor is always Mirror finish.


Honed finish Italian marble is used on walls not on the floor. Or if there is some slippery area, they will use rough finished Italian marble.

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