The changes to the Alt-Level system of Shadowlands in World of Warcraft make players feel refreshing

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Unlike the expanded version of Legion and Battle For Azeroth in the new expansion of Shadowlands, players can choose where to upgrade their characters, while the storyline of Shadowlands is very linear. But did you know? Fortunately, you only need to play it once. Then with the help of the brand-new destiny mode, players who reach the Classic WOW Gold highest level can skip the story and directly enter the covenant reputation list. This approach will help players save a lot of unnecessary operations.

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Before my friend brought the "Clues of Destiny" mode to my attention, I couldn't help but to improve myself through the linear storyline of Shadowlands over and over again. This story is interesting, but it directly introduces the four new adventure zones in Shadowlands and the covenant that controls them. The real impetus for expansion occurs after the story, as players begin to establish connections based on the covenant they choose. The choice between joining Kyrian, Ventyr, Necrolord or Night Fae determines the character's identity in Shadowlands. This is the equipment they get, the more power they get, and the activities they participate in.

The Threads of Fate mode allows players who have chosen a covenant on a character to skip the content of the WOW Classic Gold For Sale story and get good things directly through substitutions. I went through the whole story after my chosen faction, from level 50 to level 60. At level 60, choose his covenant, Night Fae.

Murlock still has to complete the opening mission of Shadowlands and escape the "inescapable" the Maw, but once she reaches the expansion center city Oribos, she can choose: repeat the story, or quickly choose the covenant through the line of fate. Choose the character of the line of fate by performing world missions and auxiliary missions, completing reward goals and completing dungeons, instead of upgrading from level 50 to level 60 through story missions.

The destiny player thread chooses its covenant from four available options. Then, they choose a starting adventure zone. Players participate in tasks and events in the area of their choice, slowly filling the schedule. After the meter is full, players will be rewarded and can choose a different area for adventure. Eventually they reach level 60 and can begin to explore the Maw and continue to collect resources for their chosen covenant. The new expansion has been open for a long time, and many players have reached level 60. I believe they have their own experience in this process.

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