Steps To Navigate QuickBooks In A Faster Way

QuickBooks is very reliable software for both medium and small sized businesses. It is available in various versions and caters to almost all the needs of such businesses. The software is quite easy to start and provides tech support for many issues.


QuickBooks is a software designed for small and medium-sized businesses. QuickBooks offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy to get started, and it provides comprehensive technical support to address various concerns. QuickBooks simplifies the process of creating invoices and receipts, ensuring that users can effortlessly locate these features.

In this blog, we are emphasizing the faster ways to navigate QuickBooks. If you need expert guidance and tips we recommend you to connect to our expert customer support team at +1-844-405-0907.Our team provides the best assistance and services on the go.



Ways To Navigate the QuickBooks In A Faster Way:


1)     First way is the Dashboard.


o   Log Into your QuickBooks Account and see the left-side navigation bar.


o   Open the dashboard and you can see the business information.


2)     Profit & Loss.


o   You can check the profit 7 loss of your business in the dashboard.


o   All the bank-related information, your sales, bank balance and consumer overdue information can be checked.


3)     Create First Invoice.


o   While adding an invoice follow these steps:


§  Click onthe Invoice tab and click on New Invoice button.


§  Fill up the client’s details. Select Create Invoices and the client’s details will be auto-filled.


§  Enter the price & quantity of the products and select the tax percentage that will be included & excluded.


§  Now select the suitable invoice option.


§  Now click on save and your invoice is created.


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4)     Add with The Plus Menu.


o   By using the plus menu you can manage transactions, create estimates, mage pay bills and send invoices.


5)     Use the Search Bar.


o   You can find cheques and invoices created previously with the help of a search bar.


6)     Left Navigation Bar.


o   In the left navigation bar you can check your customer’s reports under the invoicing menu.


7)     Reports.


o   On the left side of the dashboard, there are reports below the invoices.


8)     The Gear Menu.


o   Go to the gear menu and you can see company profiles and settings.


9)     Advanced Accounting Tool.


o   In advanced accounting tools, you can access useful features like Budgeting, reconciliation and audit logs.



We believe that the steps mentioned above will be valuable for you as you navigate QuickBooks accounting software. If you have any questions we encourage you to reach out to our dedicated QuickBooks Support & Help Number at 1-844-405-0907.Our team of experts is always prepared to assist you.

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