NBA 2K21 Review (PS5)

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Sports games go hand in hand with console releases such as LeBron James and retweets. In addition, this is not an ordinary year: the basketball season is just over after playing in an empty stadium in front of a virtual crowd, and NBA 2K21 is currently the only sports simulation available on PlayStation 5. NBA 2K21 MT is the The currency of the game, and Buy 2K21 MT can effectively help you doctor the game.

The movement mechanism has been completely rewritten, which means players can now pedal exactly as you expect; everyone on the field will take the necessary steps to place them where they are needed, so they won’t slip into position and be clumsy To capture the animation.The game also feels more physical. When you are boxed by a 7'0” beast like Nikola Jokic, strapping your way into paint is like trying to cross a brick wall, and now when you are filling When the basket and layup opportunities get a more realistic connection, it is on the edge. Although the simulation on PS4 is by no means fragile, it feels more perfect on PS5. The list of hood changes and improvements seems infinite.

All this paved the way for "The City". This is a huge PlayStation Home-style metropolis where you can join factions, pick up quests and shoot basketballs. Its scale is impressive, but due to the limited number of people on each server, it feels lifeless. Unless you install a VC for your skateboard or bike, the navigation will be so slow that you will forget where you are going and the reason.

However, you can play the game as hard as you can-there are so many things to do. MyTeam (the card collection model for franchisees) has remained almost unchanged-but the WNBA underwent an overhaul and added its own campaign "The W". This is a simplified version of the MyPlayer mode, but there are many staples of a traditional sports game career mode, when you try to improve the player's level and at the same time improve the image of female games. If you want to improve the player's level, the most convenient and quick way is to Buy NBA 2K21 MT.

At the same time, the old MyLeague and MyGM models were merged. You can open the front desk role-playing elements and import elective courses, depending on how much you want to do. We are very grateful that all the functions and modes provided by PS4 have been streamlined.


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