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Since the game developer Grinding Gear Games of "Road of Exile" decided to postpone the release plan of the POE 3.13 release, the goal of the release plan is to make CD Projekt RED's "Cyberpunk 2077" (released next month) available on the Internet The uproar. Many netizens expressed disapproval and disapproval of GGG's actions, let alone POE gamers. They used a unique mechanism to earn enough POE Currency in the POE Heist League and are waiting for the 3.13 expansion, but now the dream is shattered.

Now, the voices opposed to this move are getting louder and louder on the Internet. If the GGG leaders do not respond, the situation will become uncontrollable and may even affect the development of the road to exile. Recently, hostility from netizens directly forced GGG President Chris Wilson to explain in detail the reasons for this decision. He said that he made this decision based on previous lessons learned from the classic versions of "Wilde Alliance" and "World of Warcraft." In the past, if the release dates of the two games were too close, it would have a huge negative impact on both sides, and its beneficial impact would be almost negligible.

Judging from the evil influence they caused at the beginning, this is undoubtedly a disaster, because players who miss the beginning of the league often skip the league altogether, or if they eventually join the league, they will not behave so intensely. Players can confirm some of them by checking the number of Steam players who used Steam at the start of the league’s POE in September 2019 and checking that their enthusiasm is much lower than other versions.

It is for this reason that GGG made such a decision. Even if the game team releases the POE 3.13 expansion as planned, when players and game developers encounter difficulties, they will not get good market feedback. This will not only cause huge losses to the player community, but also affect the revenue of the game company. Therefore, they released the 3.13 extension on January 15 next year. In this case, this may be the best choice they can make at the moment. Players must believe that the leadership will continue to make the most correct decisions. At present, it is a top priority for novices to buy POE Exalted Orb to stabilize its development.


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