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Art Mavens is a new online platform geared toward arts professionals

 Art Mavens is a new online platform geared toward arts professionals. Louise Hamlin and Deborah Najar created Art Mavens in the lockdown in 2020. nationallabout nation all about Website nation all about com personalityrightsdatabase personality rights database Website personality rights database com consultmedaily consult me daily 

 Art Mavens wants to create a sustainable network for artists professionals. The website describes itself as an "global Hub for Art Professionals and"

 organizations to collaborate, connect and exchange information. It's the most well-known freelance marketplace for artists and it offers a community application that aggregates art.

 According on the website of the company, it provides world information, events and expert knowledge.

 Louise has more than a decade experience in the field of art and has a particular concentration on art trade and business. She

 The Art Newspaper, an online leader and also printed, was her workplace for the past 14 years. She was co-founder of The Art Business after her time at The Art Newspaper.

 Conference 2014, which organized events for the industry in New York, London and Shanghai. Art was established to organize events for the industry in London, New York and Shanghai after the pandemic.

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 Mavens was created to connect the community virtually in the absence live events, and to create a new hybrid method of interaction.

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