Future of Arts

The Future of Arts Work: How it Will change in 2021 and beyond

The Future of Arts Work: How it Will change in 2021 and beyond

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 The pandemic is advancing with no clear end in sight, the art industry remains in constant flux. Everyday brings more information about layoffs budget cuts, lay-offs and

 Moving calendars, restructuring postponed and cancelled events, OVRs, and new types of web-based programmingafter the dust settles

 Art may have a completely different world.

 At the onset of the pandemic, many professional art handlers, registrars museum educators, gallery assistants found themselves out of work. As a result,

 Certain of these jobs are back however, the Delta variant threatens this group of workers yet again. This is a major issue for this particular group of professionals.

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 job insecurity is nothing new. Indeed, their choice of career and ensuing reality can be best summarized in one word: precarious.

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