Naruto December 17th: What Happened

You are calling all Naruto fans! December 17th is just around the corner, and we know you're itching to find out what's in store for your favorite anime series.

Whether you've been a die-hard fan of the show since day one or are just getting into it now, this blog post has covered everything you need to know about Naruto on December 17. 


From what happened in previous episodes to whether or not the show will be making a comeback in India, keep reading to get all the juicy details. And who knows? You might even discover something new about your beloved ninja warriors!

What Happened In Naruto On 17 December?

On December 17th, Naruto fans were treated to an action-packed episode that left them on the edge of their seats. The episode followed the ongoing battle between Naruto and his allies against the mysterious Otsutsuki clan.


As tensions rose and the battle raged on, viewers were introduced to new characters with unique abilities and personalities. Some of these characters included Boruto's aunt Hanabi Hyuga, who showcased her impressive Byakugan powers in a fierce fight against one of the Otsutsuki members.


Meanwhile, Sasuke continued his search for answers about the Otsutsuki clan's true intentions and motivations. He discovered some startling information that shed light on their ultimate goal - to harvest chakra from every living being in order to revive their powerful leader.


But just as things seemed dire for our heroes, a glimmer of hope appeared in the form of another ally: Amado. Will this enigmatic figure be able to turn the tide of battle? Only time will tell!

Is Naruto Coming Back To India?

Naruto, the iconic anime series, has a massive fanbase all over the world. In India, Naruto was once one of the most popular anime shows on television. However, it stopped airing in 2014 and fans have been eagerly waiting for its return ever since.


So, is Naruto coming back to India? There are both good and bad news, I suppose.


The good news is that Naruto Shippuden has started streaming on Netflix India since October 2020. This means that fans can now stream their favorite episodes of this beloved show anytime they want.


However, despite this development, it still remains unclear whether Naruto will make a comeback to Indian television screens or not. While rumors are circulating about its possible return in December 2021 on Animax India as well as other channels like Hungama TV and Disney XD India; nothing has been officially confirmed yet.


Regardless of whether or not Naruto returns to Indian television screens anytime soon; at least fans have access to streaming platforms where they can relive the epic moments from this classic anime series whenever they want!

What Time Is Naruto On 17 Dec India?

If you're a fan of Naruto, then you must be wondering what time it will air on December 17 in India. Well, the answer to that question depends on which channel or streaming service you plan to watch it on.


In the past, Naruto has been aired at different times depending on the network. Some channels have aired it during prime time while others have shown it in the early morning hours.


To find out when exactly Naruto will air on December 17, check your local TV listings or streaming services. You can also visit for more information about its release schedule.


It's important to note that sometimes shows may get delayed due to unforeseen circumstances such as technical difficulties or last-minute changes in programming schedules. 


So make sure to keep an eye on any updates and announcements from your preferred network or streaming service so that you don't miss out on this highly anticipated episode.

Is Naruto Coming Back On Dec 17?

Naruto fans all over the world are eagerly waiting for any news about the anime's return. One of the most asked questions is whether Naruto is coming back on December 17. Unfortunately, as of now, there has been no official announcement regarding this matter.


However, it is important to note that December 17 marks an important date in Naruto's history. This was when the final episode of the original Naruto series aired in Japan ten years ago. It could be possible that some networks or streaming platforms may air a marathon or special program commemorating this event.


Furthermore, fans should not lose hope just yet since rumors have been circulating online about a possible new season or spin-off series for Naruto in 2022. Some sources even claim that production has already begun and that we can expect to see some updates soon.


While we cannot confirm whether Naruto will be coming back on December 17th, we can still look forward to future announcements and updates from the creators themselves.

In Which Year Did Naruto Stop In India?

Naruto is one of the most popular anime series in India, and it has a massive fan base. The show first aired on Indian television in 2006 and quickly became a hit among viewers of all ages. However, after several years of broadcasting, Naruto stopped airing on Indian TV.


The exact year when Naruto stopped airing in India is not clear as there are different versions available online about the same. Some sources suggest that it was around 2013-14 when the show went off-air from Indian TV channels due to low TRP ratings.


Fans were left disappointed with this sudden discontinuation of their favorite anime series. However, they did not lose hope as they continued watching it online through various streaming platforms.


Despite its absence from Indian TV screens for many years now, Naruto still holds a special place in the hearts of its fans who continue to watch and re-watch episodes even today. Its popularity may have declined over time but its legacy remains strong among those who love anime shows!


Naruto is a beloved anime series that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Many are eager to know what happened in Naruto on December 17th and if the show will return to India.


While there may not be any new episodes airing on December 17th, it's important to remember the impact that this series has had on its viewers. 


From its engaging storyline to its memorable characters, Naruto continues to hold a special place in many people's hearts.

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