Network Marketing Business Tools - Understanding Twitter Marketing

Network Marketing Business Tools - Understanding Twitter Marketing

Many marketers wonder what the best network marketing tools are to use. Twitter is among the newer network marketing business tools being used. It is a great tool that can help you build your business quickly, as long as you understand the right way to use it. Many marketers using Twitter as a network marketing business tool, however, are using it incorrectly.

Before I talk about how to use Twitter correctly, let's back up a step. Why Twitter at all?

Well according to recent statistics, Twitter is now attracting upwards of 190 million visitors per month (~83 million unique visitors) and generating 65 million Tweets a day. So you can see clearly the magnitude of Twitter and why it can be one of the best network marketing business tools.

The problem is that many marketers who are using Twitter as a network marketing business tool are using it incorrectly... and thus ineffectively. Most marketers use Twitter as a way to drive traffic to a website or to try and make an immediate sale. This is not the best (or most effective) strategy.

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