4 Incredible Reasons For Getting Clean Comedy As the Mainstream Attention

Are you planning a children's party? This type of comedy can be intellectually stimulating for adults while still being appropriate for children. Are you planning a corporate event for your partners?


Comedians everywhere are competing to be just the funniest act on the media to gain the most attention. As a result, a few of them resort to comedic value and minor vulgarities to gain an advantage over their competitors. While these cheap tactics are effective, they quickly become tiresome, and people lose interest.


Thankfully, blue comedy's reign is coming to an end, and a new contender is on the way.


Here, we will discuss why clean comedy recently became a hot topic and why you should not pass up the opportunity to hire a clean comedian to provide entertainment for your event.


1. It Is Appropriate For A Wide Range Of Occasions


It doesn't matter what kind of event you're planning; comedy is always a sure thing: Planning a charity event for a good cause? A clean comedian will maintain a decent environment while still providing the satisfaction of laughter.


Are you planning a children's party? This type of comedy can be intellectually stimulating for adults while still being appropriate for children. Are you planning a corporate event for your partners? You wouldn't want to offend them with vulgar humor, would you? Are you planning a party for your employees? If you have a more diverse audience, you should avoid sensitive topics like politics or religion.


There are numerous other occasions when you should keep your act clean. The preceding list is merely an example. You will also not be limited by event location and allowing to attract a larger audience.


2. Why Does Clean Comedy Demand More Effort?


It's challenging to make the audience laugh without any shock tactics like objectionable material, but clean comedians do it all the time.


This is due to two factors: Clean comedy usually puts in a lot of effort to rely on quick wit and narrate compelling stories around the stand-up routine. As a result, they also make slapstick moves to enhance the experience.


The second reason is that foul language has become commonplace and has lost its comedic value. People have become desensitized to abrasive language, which no longer carries the same weight it once did.

Clean comedy is a type of comedy that requires more effort to perform, and people appreciate it.


If you're looking to hire a comedian who puts in a lot of effort into his stand-up routine, you should look into Taylor Mason. He is a one-of-a-kind performer who manages to combine comedy and ventriloquism. He can perform amazing voice manipulations and uses this skill to tell some genuinely hilarious jokes and show you why clean comedy is so amusing.


3. It Does Not Infringe On Anyone's Rights


Comedy is all about making people laugh, so it should never be created at the expense of someone's feelings.

Clean comedians are not required to abuse the audience or make jokes on their behalf. Instead, they attempt to find common ground with their guests to give everyone a reason to laugh. 


It's easy to see why it appeals to so many people. This type of comedy is family-friendly by default because it does not stir up any controversy.


4. It Has A Significant Media Presence


Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Comedy Central were no longer the primary sources of stand-up comedy.

Dry Bar Comedy, a new competitor, has entered the fray. It is a clean stand-up show launched by VidAngel, which has become the internet's fastest-growing source of comedy, receiving over 20 million views per week.


Dry Bar Comedy brought nothing but a clean comedy to the table, with no risqué material. It also featured an appealing design intended to take the viewer directly to the comedy show, with no interludes or breaks.


If you want to check out Dry Bar Comedy, we recommend starting with this incredible stand-up routine by Drew Barth. He's a stand-up comedian with a distinct observational sense of humor. Chad is a fantastic comedian who has an uncanny ability to deliver one punchline after another.

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