Top 5 tourist places in tamilnadu

The overly popular tourist places in Tamil Nadu such as its many temple towns and beaches should not be the only destinations in your itinerary.

Best Tourist Places in Tamilnadu treasure trove opens in Tamil Nadu for tourists who are keen on exploring varied aspects of this southern Indian state. If culture, history, or art lies anywhere under your interest list, this is a place you should definitely consider visiting! Also known as The Queen of Hill Stations, Ooty is a popular tourist spot, famous for its picturesque landscapes, amazing vistas, and soothing ambiance. The city has been surrounded by the South Indian Kingdoms for ages, thus it has always been at the forefront of all cultural, economical, social, commercial, and industrial development in the south of India. Chennai is also famous for its clean sandy beaches, parks, temples, and cultural centers. There are various shopping attractions here and most sorts of Modern Day Activities one can name. The amazing location of the beautiful Tourist Places in Tamilnadu place adds to the charm of the monuments and the intricate carvings. The best time to visit the place is between October-February when the climate is pleasant and the vegetation is at its peak. Apart from being a monumental hub of Tamil Nadu, the city holds numerous undiscovered spots which make it a tourist haven. The overly popular tourist places in Tamil Nadu such as its many temple towns and beaches should not be the only destinations in your itinerary.

  1. Chennai

Chennai is the Capital City of Tamil Nadu. The city has been surrounded by the South Indian Kingdoms since ages, thus it has always been the forefront of all cultural, social, economical,industrial and commercial development in the south of India. Chennai is frequently referred to as the Detroit of India because it is home to the majority of the country's automotive industries. Not only industries, It may take you two to three days to really explore this city on your own because it is renowned for its unique culture and traditions.

The city houses more than 20 heritage structures including railway stations, Book Shops, Museums, Cinema halls, etc. Chennai is renowned for its pristine beaches with fine sand, parks, temples, and cultural hubs. There are different shopping attractions here and most sorts for Modern Day work one can name. With a huge list of tourist attractions, After Delhi and Mumbai, Chennai is properly ranked as the third most popular tourist destination.

  1. Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari, the southernmost point of India's mainland, was originally known as Cape Comorin. During the reign of the Chola, Chera, and Pandya dynasties, the ancient town of Kanyakumari was a significant location. The town is famous for its beautiful temples, beaches, monuments and cultural hubs. The town is renowned for its unique culture and friendly residents.

The place due to its different location witnesses a marvel like only a some places in the world has seen i.e. On the same beach, you may see both the sunrise and the sunset. The town is situated where the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, and Bay of Bengal meet, making it a popular destination for pilgrims in the southern part of India. These temples were constructed using Dravidian architectural design. Some of the south Indian classics like Sambhar, Idli, and Dosa are among the delicious and light on the stomach south Indian specialties that are served here. A visit to this town will certainly revive your senses.

  1. Madurai

The 3rd largest city of Tamil Nadu, Madurai is also one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. Many have made reference to the location, including Megasthenes and Kautilya. The city is constructed around a number of significant and gorgeous temples.Geographically, the city of Madurai is situated on rich plains close to the Vaigai River, which splits the city in half. As a result, the area is primarily used for agriculture and serves as India's main source of paddy crops like rice.

The bulk of visitors to Madurai come to see the many temples that honour this historic city. The Meenakshi Ammam Temple is of particular significance because it is referred to in practically all ancient literature and is regarded as the most important place of pilgrimage for the Tamil people. There are 27 separate temples in the complex, and the highest tower, at 51.9 metres high, is what gives the area its name. Along with the several festivals conducted here, there are numerous other monuments and temples that must be visited. Even visiting Madurai is a spiritual experience.

  1. Kodaikanal

The name of the town, which translates to "the Gift of the Forest," is also known as "Princess of the Hill Stations.With an average height of 2,331 metres above sea level, it is a minor hill station. The area is situated at the peak of the Palani Hills and is surrounded by dense trees. The hill station was created in 1845 as a haven from the oppressive heat and infectious diseases of the tropical plains. The town is a popular tourist destination, and the tourism sector accounts for the bulk of the local economy.

The significant number of tourists visiting Kodaikanal is due to its natural attractions and reputation for picturesque beauty. The town is truly a gift from the forests because of the lakes, parks, and several waterfalls as well as the great variety of flora and animals. The region is home to numerous natural wonders and occurrences, including the rare Kurinji Flower's blooming, which is claimed to cover the entire valley in blue and only occurs once every 12 years. Your desire to stay in Kodaikanal will be piqued by the region's diverse flora and the natural and man-made attractions available.


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