What is the Mail Server for SBCGlobal.Net?

Easy way to Login SBCglobal Email in a proper manner.

Many amongst the population are not aware of the fact of sbcglobal net server. As it is a part of yahoo which is a global net server provider. So it acquires different outgoing and incoming mail servers to run this particular email service.  

  • Incoming mail server- pop.att.Yahoo.com or pop.
  • Outgoing mail server- smtp.att.yahoo.com or SMTP.

People mostly prefer accessing their SBCglobal email via outlook as it is the best platform and for setting up your outlook you need to enter your SBCglobal.net email login pageand password.

Afterwards what type of account is this? Screen will pop up, for which you need to select (personal IMAP) or (personal POP3) and then go through SBCglobal.net IMAP settingsoutlook or POP3 settings.

Further to prevent configuration, now you need to visit SBCglobal net outlook settings.

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