Seed Planter Is Safe And Convenient

Has designed a full Corn Thresher that is safe and convenient to use, and can be efficiently produced in an assembly line.

   Has designed a full Corn Thresher that is safe and convenient to use, and can be efficiently produced in an assembly line. Corn Thresher uses the axial extrusion of the push rod to the corn and the tangential force generated by the cutter rolling on the corn to quickly thresh the corn, with a simple structure and high efficiency. Corn Thresher makes small and medium-sized corn farmers and small and medium-sized enterprises no longer use traditional hand rubbing and breaking methods to thresh corn, reducing labor intensity, improving labor efficiency, and promoting the development of modern agriculture.

  Corn Thresher is an independent and innovative design work. Compared with the existing large-scale agricultural machinery, the cost is lower, the structure is simpler, and the integrity of the bar and kernel after corn threshing can be guaranteed. This work is mainly composed of hoppers, spring centering sleeves, push rods, knives, gears, reduction motors and other related components. The innovative use of the serrated knife edge and the extrusion and threshing of the corn, alleviate the shaft generated when the corn is squeezed To pressure.

  Pour the corn into the hopper box, and leave a corn-sized outlet at the lower end of the hopper box. The fallen corn is in full contact with the cutter under the thrust of the push rod to produce axial extrusion force. At the same time, the electric idea is decelerated by the reducer to drive the gear to roll, and the cutter rotates slowly through the pulley, and the tangential force between the corn and the cutter is more conducive to corn threshing, so that the corn kernels can fall off easily, and the corn kernels and corn cobs The integrity of each after separation. The rotating serrated cutter has an even force, which relieves the stress concentration well, so as not to cause plastic deformation of the cutter, and at the same time produces a tangential force that makes the corn easier to fall off. Using the Seed Planter mechanical method, the pushing of the push rod and the rotation of the cutter only need one power source, which effectively completes the threshing process. The project integrates the advantages of high efficiency, simple structure, convenient operation, and easy maintenance. It can effectively solve the problems of unclean threshing and broken cores of the existing corn thresher. It can be extended to large and medium-sized agricultural bases and corn production enterprises.

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