Sex Games - Her Eyes Only: "That'll Be $300 Please"

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On talk shows and in interviews around the country, I've heard this confession a thousand times or more. Both men AND women harbor a powerful fantasy of "no holds barred, no strings attached, anonymous and forbidden sex.

It's a secret fascination with the high class call girl, and this week - she's you

Rent a motel room on the morning of your seduction. Put the key in an envelope, along with a note for hi to meet you there at a certain time, and drop it off to him at work. Seal it with a kiss in your most luscious lipstick.

The room should be set up with glowing candles and a bucket of chilled champagne. And now for your makeover - wear a wig that has a color and style different from your own hair. Do Asian escorts for outcall in manhattan NYC makeup in a way that is different from your normal makeup. Changing yourself as much as possible will add a lot to the surprise.

When he knocks on the door, greet him in a sexy black teddy with stockings and garter, your raciest high heels and a new fragrance of perfume.

Introduce yourself by another name, and while you saunter over to pour him some bubbly, ask him "what he wants" and "how he wants it." Tease him and flirt with him, but make it clear you have only one thing on your mind.

You're going to get him off like he's never had it before, for a price. And make sure not to forget to name your price up front, or no fun for him.

Three hundred dollars seems fair and you do take checks.

Guide him over to the bed. Slide your hands sensuously over his body as you undress him. Whisper that you find him irresistible. He's making you totally hot, and you just can't wait to take him in your mouth... like... this...

Begin with long, slow licks, as if you were eating an ice cream cone. Go wild. Throw yourself into your performance, assured that you have an extremely appreciative audience.

Keep playing your role until the door shuts behind him, then get ready for your next "date." The one that he's scheduled to have right after he leaves the hotel. It's dinner with him, as your old sweet self. Be sure and offer to pick up the check. After all, you've picked up a little extra spending money lately.

"Honey... I'm thinking about taking on some part-time work.