6 Easy Ways to Start your Day with God

Start your day with God. Make it your mission to connect to him early morning so that your day goes well. Dr. Michelle Corral, a passionate humanitarian, gives you easy tips to begin your day by taking the name of Jesus.

The beauty of life is that no day is the same. Each day is different and it brings with it its own set of challenges and happiness. One thing is constant and that is God is with you in whatever you do.

So, why not start the day with Jesus? To some of us, it flows naturally. We begin the day by taking the name of Jesus. To others, they need to make an effort to start their day with God. But, it isn’t so tough a task. Making up your mind is half the work done.

Like all other relationships, we have to nurture our bonding with Him. If you include him in your thoughts and prayers in the morning, He will help you keep a positive mindset for the rest of the day no matter what comes.

We have listed six easy ways to start your day with God. Let’s begin now.  

  • Go to bed early

 “Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy, wise”

What do you do to wake up happy the next morning? You go to bed early the previous day. You are already drained from working the entire day. Your body needs a good sleep so that you wake up cheerful in the morning. If you rise late from bed, you’ll never have time to start your morning with God.

Discipline your mind and start a bed routine. Keep yourself away from electronic gadgets before you roll off to sleep. If you want to have a good morning, you need to work on it the previous night itself!

  • Journal your thoughts

“Journal writing is a voyage to the interior and connect to God”

Remember the younger you when you used to pen down your thoughts in a diary? As we grow up, we get occupied with other tasks, and journaling our thoughts takes a back seat. But do you know, writing your thoughts in a book is a great way to understand what God has in store for you?

Before you go to bed, write down about the day and what you expect to do the next day. One benefit is that you close all the negative thoughts about incidents that happened during the day. Next, you get clarity of what went wrong, if you could have done it better, and what you can do to make it good.

Don’t brood over matters that weren’t under your control. It was meant to be. God has something better in store for you. Understanding this will help you see how good God has been to you and how He is always protecting you and your family. Journaling is also a way to show gratitude to God for all the good things he has given you for that day. It frees you from negative thoughts and sets the mood for a good night’s sleep.   

  • Rise early

“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up early and start working on turning them into reality”

Come what may, get out of your bed early. Your body may love the warm comfy bed. But don’t let your mind wander. A good movement in the morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. It helps your brain to focus and boosts your energy.

How do you train your mind to wake up early? That takes us to our next point.

  • Set the atmosphere

“Happiness is that feeling that comes over when you know life is good”

You need strong motivation to get out of bed, isn’t it? If you need to start your day with God, set the atmosphere for it. For instance, wake up and open the window. The early sunlight will give you instant energy. You can even play soothing mediating music or light an aromatic candle.

It will calm your brain and help you start your day with a smile and happiness. Isn’t that what God wants from you?

One thing you need to avoid is checking on your mobile as soon as you wake up. Please, I stress, please don’t reach for your cellphone. That’s the wrong way to start your day. Yes, I agree, you may have some urgent messages or emails to attend to. But if it is a must, keep your mobile interaction to the bare minimum. You definitely do not want anything to come between you and God when you start your day!

  • Pray to God

“Praying is surrendering yourself to God”

Once you are off bed, your mind starts to wander. What do you do for the day? Your timetable is set as soon as you recall the tasks you need to complete. Pause for a moment. Planning the workload early in the morning stresses your brain. Instead, pray to God. A small prayer in any style, whether you say it loud or go through it in your mind, will work wonders for you. It distracts you from the workload and keeps you calm and relaxed.

When you remember him in your prayers early morning, you set the tone for the rest of the day. Thank Him for giving you another beautiful day to live and be happy.    

  • Read to get motivated

“Fill your mind with God’s words and you will have no room for negative energies”

If you want to experience God from deep within, you have to find means to connect with Him. For some, it may be through prayers, for some it may be through good work. As you keep doing work, you’ll find the way that really connects you to God. In the midst, if your thoughts wander or you have interruptions, read the Bible.

I read the Bible early morning as it gives me the confidence to take over any challenge for the day. I know He is with me always. Reading the book gives me a new perspective to keep myself motivated and put up a smiling face for myself and my family. Isn’t it a wonderful way to spread positivity?  

Wrapping Up

These are some of my daily rituals, and I've found that beginning the day by connecting with God has given me the strength to handle the chaos I know is coming.

There’s no set rule to be followed to start your day with Jesus. Do whatever your heart says to get closer to Him. But don’t get so busy that you don’t get even a minute to pray. Even on busy mornings, it is worth making time for Jesus.   

Join us to make this world a better place. Connect with Jesus by joining our Chesed Hope for Humanity mission.

We conduct humanitarian projects around the world. Our founder Dr. Michelle Corral, also the founder of Breath of the Spirit International Ministries since 1978, has been at the forefront of setting up welfare schemes for the undernourished, unprivileged, poor, and suffering people around the world.

Keep us in your prayers and continue supporting us in our mission towards love and humanity.


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