The Plum Fox - Buy Bath & Beauty Essentials

The Plum Fox - Buy Bath & Beauty Essentials

The Plum Fox is a botanical boutique located in Brunswick, Georgia that specializes in wedding favors and gifts. The company was created out of a love for spa products, bath products and relaxation. Owner Elizabeth Kelly is a licensed cosmetologist and loves nature, botanicals, and spa days. She has also previously worked with florists, photographers, and event planners in the wedding industry. This inspired her to start her business and create products in which people can relax and indulge


The Plum Fox offers a range of products that are made to restore balance and provide natural experiences for the mind, body, and soul. Their bath and beauty essentials include silky bath milk, luscious body butter, body scrubs, face masks, and bubble baths.


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The Plum Fox offers products that are focused on feeding the mind, body, and soul. Their products comprise bath accessories, body oils, clay and mud masks, soaps, bubble baths, and body butter. They have created a Wedding Collection that is full of relaxing bundles and box sets that are great gifts for your wedding party or guests. You can customize your gifts and curate welcome bags,small organza bags, labels, and boxes to add a personal touch. The Plum Fox offers wonderful products for those looking to give the gift of relaxation to their guests after the big day.


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