Where To Turn in Masterpieces in Lost Ark

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Masterpieces are among the essential collectibles in Lost Ark, and here is a guide to turning them set for phenomenal rewards

Masterpieces are among the essential collectibles in Lost ark Gold, and here is a guide to turning them set for phenomenal rewards.

Lost Ark is among the most popular MMORPG titles that need you to collect various resources to become a top player. Masterpieces are one such crucial collectible item hanging around, which may be obtained through various methods. These Masterpieces are relatively valuable as they possibly can be exchanged for exceptional rewards, which allows players to advance further hanging around.

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However, a substantial number of players are uncertain about where they can redeem their accumulated Masterpieces for rewards. If you are also baffled about where you can turn in Masterpieces, you've arrived at the best destination. This article guides how and where you can exchange your Masterpieces in Lost Ark to acquire an array of incredible rewards.

Where to Turn In the Masterpieces in Lost Ark

Exchanging Masterpieces is fairly straightforward in Lost Ark. Once you accumulate them, visit Sunflower Island to satisfy an NPC named Alfons Vedice. Once you get through to the island, Alfonso could be immediately on the southern portion of the map. You can make reference to the map to simply find him at that moment.

Once you encounter the NPC, you can start trading your Masterpieces for rewards by getting together with him. However, it's worth noting that you will have to complete a total of 4 quests for Alfonso before exchanging the Masterpieces. These quests include House Vediche, Hotter Than the Sun, Love of My Life, and Artist in Residence.

Lost Ark - Masterpieces Trade-In Reward List

Lost Ark offers glorious rewards to its players once they turn in their Masterpieces. Below you'll find the complete listing of rewards.

2 Units: Soul Leaf (30)

4 Units: Proud (Emote)

6 Units: Uncommon Card Pack (3)

8 Units: Vitality Increase Potion

10 Units: Sunflower Island Soul

12 Units: Eternity Essence (20)

14 Units: Stat Increase Potion

16 Units: Rare Card Pack (3)

18 Units: Structure: Azure Hill

20 Units: Artist’s Treasure Chest

22 Units: Creation Fragment (15)

24 Units: Conviction

26 Units: Epic Card

28 Units: Structure: By Lantern’s Light

30 Units: Artist’s Treasure Chest

32 Units: Menelik’s Tome (10)

34 Units: Artist’s Treasure Chest

36 Units: Wei Card

38 Units: Artist’s Treasure Chest

40 Units: Art Aficionado (Title)

42 Units: Structure: Divine Protection

44 Units: Judgment

46 Units: Guardian Luen Card

48 Units: Greatest Masterpiece of the Lifetime

The term units represent the number of Masterpieces required to switch rewards.

That's all that you should know about exchanging your Masterpieces in lost ark gold MMORPG.