Elden Ring: Ways To Increase Difficulty

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Game from the Year winner Elden Ring and also the Soulsborne games that preceded it are recognized for being unforgiving games that are difficult to conquer

Game from the Year winner Elden Ring Items and also the Soulsborne games that preceded it are recognized for being unforgiving games that are difficult to conquer. While becoming Elden Lord feels sufficiently rewarding after toiling within the Lands Between, many veteran players usually see themselves seeking harder challenges.

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While Elden Ring doesn't feature a real difficulty setting, you will find nonetheless many selections the player can go for to make the sport harder. Players may either choose one limitation on their own or combine, as the most hardcore players will limit themselves in each and every way possible.

New Game+

While the majority of the ways to increase difficulty in Elden Ring are player-imposed choices regarding their gameplay, beginning a brand new journey with New Game+ may be the only way to create enemies hit harder and also have bigger health pools within the base game.

After completing the primary story, players may have the option to begin a brand new journey in the Roundtable Hold. Doing so will respawn all of the bosses and NPCs while resetting the storyline. For the most part, enemies are going to be harder, but drop more runes, and players can transport over their weapons, armor, levels, plus much more. This process could be repeated over and over again all of the way up till New Game+7, after which players will keep restarting the sport, but with no increased difficulty.

No Summons

For those players seeking to slightly boost the difficulty of their playthrough without resorting to extreme limitations that just the best can overcome, not summoning help could be a good way to start. Help for bosses along with other enemies could be summoned in three various ways. The first and most typical way to get assistance is to summon the very best Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring, which could take on great shape.

By completing some quests or interactions, you will find also several NPCs that players can summon to assist them to as Cooperators during specific boss fights. Help from friends or online players may also be enlisted, however, for more of challenging, players can avoid many of these options and then try to complete the sport alone.

No Healing

Healing comes in great shape in Elden Ring, from incantations that need Faith, towards the Flasks of Crimson Tears that the majority of players use on their playthroughs. There are also weapons or Talismans that may restore health upon hits or even more specific offensive interactions.

To make the sport harder, players can forbid themselves by using any form of healing and just regain health when resting at Sites of Grace. This means that any damage sustained in boss fights or areas from Sites of Grace might be fatal.

No Ranged Weapons Or Spells

While Elden Ring will be a hard game for the vast majority of players, some playstyles and tactics nonetheless make the sport easier, so avoiding these is a superb way to create a playthrough within the Lands Between tougher.

While ranged weapons, spells, and even the very best incantations in Elden Ring get their own weaknesses, the relative safety where they could be used means they are an easier option than most melee alternatives. By limiting themselves to melee weapons, players may have to wake up close and private with bosses, even if on a slither of health.

No Armor

Armor is very important in Elden Ring and not simply for looking great. Beyond fashion, armor provides Tarnished having a wide range of stats and resistances which will protect them from the many different damage types within the game.

Therefore, opting to put on no armor will boost the difficulty of the sport drastically, every hit from the boss might be fatal. One of the advantages of wearing no armor is that the ball player is extremely light and not has to be worried about weight limits, which may normally impede the speed where they can dodge and roll.

Difficulty Mods

Just as mods create the game easier to exist, so mods make Elden Ring harder to beat. As many of those mods exist and much more are being constantly released, players of skill levels will be able to find a mod that meets their difficulty demands.

From mods that let players tweak just about any numbers they need, to people that spawn multiple duplicates of the boss at the same time, these mods could be absolutely game-changing and can often provide unique experiences.

A Level 1 Run

Levels are my way through Elden Ring. They enable players to wield better weapons and perform more complex spells and incantations, plus they provide a whole host of stats to Tarnished, going for more health, resistance, and damage.

With just how much power these levels provide, a Level 1 run is therefore among the hardest challenges players can impose on themselves. To do this, players will have to select the Wretch starting class which may be the only class to begin at Level 1, after which never upgrade their stats. Players are going to be limited to what weapons they are able to use on the Level 1 run and should be extremely careful to not take damage because of their low health.

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