How To Resolve QuickBooks Script Error

In this blog, we describe about the real causes of arising this error and most efficient troubleshooting guides. So, keep your eyes feast over here and follow the provided instructions.

The QuickBooks Script Error is a common Internet Explorer error usually occurs when applications like QuickBooks exchanges information with a webpage. The script error is displayed when there is a technical glitch with Javascript or VBscript codes of a webpage.

Although, scripting error in QuickBooks is caused by the settings inside the web browser. However, sometimes QuickBooks displays scripting error like: “An error has occurred in the script on this page. Line 22 Char 2 Error…” or maybe “QuickBooks Script Error for line 7 char 5”. This error appears when running any version of QuickBooks. 


Reasons For QuickBooks Script Error

Possible causes for QuickBooks Script Error are listed below, so, have a glimpse:

  • Importing a dealing that has an account, that has not been created before the import
  • Importing a bill or invoice that has an account by completely different from assets or accounts due
  • It may occur when the account name or the account number used is already present

Efficacious Solutions To Fix QuickBooks Script Error

Before start attempting any solution, first you have to turn-off the notification about every script error in Internet Explorer 7, 8, or 9. Now, you may go ahead to fix it:

Solution 1: If The Error Occurs While Importing

  • First, open the Internet Explorer web browser on your Windows
  • Now, go to “Tools” menu and select “Internet Options”
  • If the Tools menu is invisible, then press the Alt key. Doing this will display all the hidden menus
  • After that, choose “Advanced” tab
  • Now, clear the display a notification about every script error box
  • Tap “OK”

If the error still continues, proceed to further solution.


Solution 2: If The Error Occurs While Exporting

In this scenario, you will have to follow the below instructions:

  • First, make sure you have a 32-bit version of Internet Explorer
  • Next, you have to clear all cookies and cache by following the given steps:
  • Click on “Tools” menu located at the right corner in the Internet Explorer
  • Choose the option “Safety” and then click on Delete browsing history
  • Mark a tick in the Cookies and website data check-box
  • Now, tap “Delete”
  • Now, close Internet Explorer window
  • Go back to QuickBooks Online and initiate exporting the files

Dial Helpline Number To Connect With Deft Connoisseurs For Help

Whatever the scenarios you are facing while using QuickBooks, Script Error QuickBooks will be sorted out in a quick when follow the afore-mentioned fixation method. Moreover, if you need technical help to enhance your knowledge regarding QuickBooks, can call on helpline number. One of the proficient and talented technicians will associate with you in a second and provide you potential solutions at doorstep at reasonable cost.


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