Sources: Major Update on Paul George's Knee Injury

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This is a huge sigh of relief for Paul George.

The entire NBA world gasped when Paul George suffered a devastating knee injury against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday. Fortunately, for George, the injury ultimately turned out to be a knee sprain. Even more fortunate, he's avoided major ligament damage.

Sources told AllClippers the very next Wednesday morning after the injury that Paul George suffered no major ligament tears and will require no surgery for his knee sprain. Clippers head coach Ty Lue described it as the "best-case scenario as to what we thought it could be."

Unfortunately, at the same time, sources also told AllClippers Wednesday morning to likely expect Paul George out for the rest of the season unless they make a solid playoff run. Expecting Paul George back at the start of the first round of the playoffs would be a bit overly optimistic. The Clippers need to put themselves in a position where they can go deep into the first round, or get to the second round. That will be the trickiest part for the LA Clippers.
For now, the LA Clippers just have to figure out a way to survive and avoid the play-in tournament without Paul George. They defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night and have the New Orleans Pelicans awaiting on Saturday night. The team has eight games left in the regular season with a two-game lead on the seventh seed, so they're not out of the woods just quite yet.