National Weather Service confirms tornado hits Southern California city of Montebello

A tornado hit the city of Montebello in Southern California, damaging buildings as the National Weather Service assesses the rare weather event.

The tornado hit Wednesday at about 11:20 a.m. PT in the city less than 10 miles southeast of Los Angeles, the National Weather Service said.

“It’s definitely not something that’s common for the region,” said meteorologist Rose Schoenfeld with the weather service. 

One person was injured and was taken to a hospital in Montebello, said Alex Gillman, a city spokesman. He didn’t know the severity of the injury.

The city closed some streets "due to a weather-related incident."

The National Weather Service about 8 p.m. ET confirmed a tornado hit Montebello, but the agency said, "we are still assessing the damage."

Videos captured tornado and wind damage near Los Angeles 

Earlier in the day, several videos posted on Twitter and shared with local news stations showed what appeared to be pieces of roofs ripped off building and debris twisting in the sky, as some cars were moved around and damaged. 

National Weather Service still investigating damage

The NWS had said Wednesday afternoon it was sending a survey team to Montebello to investigate the possible tornado. The NWS also confirmed a tornado on Tuesday hit the city of Carpinteria in Santa Barbara, where several mobile homes were damaged, with estimated winds of up to 75 mph.

Debris was spread over more than one city block. Inspectors checked 17 buildings in the area, and 11 of them were red-tagged as uninhabitable, according to the fire department. Several cars were also damaged.

The last time the weather service’s Los Angeles office sent out tornado assessment teams was 2016 near Fillmore in Ventura County, where it was determined that a small twister had touched down, Schoenfeld said.

Tornados come during severe weather 

The tornados occurred as the state is being hit with more rain and snow, as well as strong wind gusts in another storm meteorologists called a "bomb cyclone."

Two people in state were killed Tuesday.