Route Planning with Route Management Solution

Route Management Software can help fleet managers plan a route for your fleet trip that will help you save a lot of time and money.

Fleet managers and companies are tirelessly working on improving fleet trips to reduce the fuel consumed and time taken to complete the trip. But did you know that using route planning software can automate this process?

Through fleet management software, fleet companies can automate route planning, which helps eliminate errors arising from manual planning. Fleet managers can even track their vehicles in real time and receive live reports on fuel consumption and other river compliance. Route planning software becomes necessary if you want to gain customer satisfaction and guarantee on-time delivery of the consignment.


What are the Challenges Fleet Trip Face?

Generally, challenges that arise while planning a fleet trip’s route are due to companies relying on manual planning and a lack of updated technologies. This leads to a lack of visibility and real time updates of the fleet and drivers.


  • Manual Reliance: Traditional fleet management relies on the manual route planning method. Managers manually assess each route to ensure its length, safety, and path. This is a laborious and time-consuming method and is prone to errors. 


  • Absence of Visibility: There is a lack of visibility as the vehicles are remote, so managers have to call their drivers constantly to gain updates. This could be disturbing as well as a become cause of distraction for them.


  • Poor Resource Management: One of the major challenges that managers face while planning the trip is how to distribute and manage their resources. For example, vehicles might consume more fuel if assigned an uneven path that requires more harsh braking.


  • Customer Satisfaction at Risk: Managers cannot provide customers with accurate ETAs as they are not using fleet management software’s route management solution, which provides them with real time tracking. This can cause dissatisfaction among the customers.


What are the Features Offered By Route Planning Software?

Route planning is the process of devising a route for your fleet to go from point A to point B. Fleet management software helps fleet businesses to make this process as easy and faultless as possible. Using the route planning solution, managers are able to select the route that can help save the most time, fuel, and money.


  • Geofence: The system allows managers to geofence important stops in the trip so that they receive alerts when the vehicles enter and exit the point.


  • Live Tracking: Fleet managers can track their vehicles in real time through fleet management software. This helps to avoid any unforeseen anomalies during the trip.


  • Trip Creation: Using route planning software can save a lot of time and effort as it allows managers to create and save frequent trips. 


  • Route Deviation Alerts: Managers receive real time alerts every time a vehicle deviates from the designated path.


  • ETA: Fleet managers using the GPS tracking system can share with customers the accurate ETA of the vehicle. 


  • POD: The proof of delivery allows drivers to submit proof of the completion of tasks. The software offers automatic POD as well. It can be in the form of a digital signature, OTP, or QR code.


Plan Your Fleet Trips With TrackoBit

By using route planning software, fleet managers can save themselves from many troubles that arise due to manual route planning. The fleet management software can automate the whole process of route planning with extra features which helps ensure the trip's success.

TrackoBit is a fleet management software that offers route management and planning solutions. This solution is the most sought-after in the market as it is technically advanced and offers accurate data.

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