How To Unbox & Setup Printer | Quick Printer Setup Guide

Bought a new printer and worried about to unpack, Setup and configure it. Check into the below instructions provided below

Hi did you bought a new printer and need assistance to unbox and setup your printer? My self Brack Technical Engineer offers complete guidelines for printer setup. Some times printer setup gets difficult while connecting your printer to computer in an easy way. Follow the below given steps to setup your printer.
* Take the printer from the box. Keep it aside and remove it's cover.
* Plugin the one end of the power cord to the printer and the other end to the USB port of the computer.
* Load the paper on the printer paper tray
* Install the ink cartridges on your printer.
* On your computer install the the printer driver to enable printer functions completely.
* Need to connect printer wireless, Enable wifi on your printer and connect your printer wireless to computer.
* Use Airprint or HP Printer assistant to connect your printer to Mac and Windows.
* Ensure all the steps to fix printer has been done correct and commence your printing operation.

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