Can CISSP certification training be taken from home?

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Yes, CISSP certification training can be taken online from home. You need to consider some important points to clear your doubt-

Is It Worth Taking CISSP Certification Training From Home?


  1. Do you want to do self-study or do you want to take CISSP training?

The first consideration that a learner should have is whether they want to do self-study and then clear the CISSP certification exam or whether they want to take the help of some formal CISSP training. A self-study is also an option for clearing the CISSP certification exam but it is hardly the most reliable option.

If a learner chooses to do self-study and then clear the CISSP certification exam, it may not be as easy as it sounds. The syllabus of the CISSP certification exam is vast and full of complex topics.

If a learner attempts to master all of those topics on his own without the aid of any expert guidance (such as guidance from the instructors of the CISSP training) he may not be able to do so and may fail in the middle of his studies.

This failure to cover the syllabus will lead to a loss of confidence, momentum, faith, and motivation. Therefore it is recommended to take the safer option and get a CISSP certification online course instead.

2. Do you prefer in-person training or online training?

The next thing which the learner should think about is if they would like to take in-person training or online training. Both modes of learning have their own advantages and disadvantages. In-person training is a more traditional way of learning than online learning but that is not to say that online learning is in any way inferior to in-person learning.

One big advantage of in-person learning is that the learners can interact much more freely with the instructors. The learners can ask questions and get the answers to those questions very quickly. Another big advantage of in-person learning is that it is in no way dependent on technology.

So the learning sessions can never be interrupted by technical issues or any household problems or problems related to the location of the learner (since they will be studying in the trainers building).

One big advantage of online learning is that the learners will be able to replay the video lectures whenever they desire and as many times as they desire. They will be able to pause and play the video lectures at the parts which they consider important and which they want to go over very carefully.

Another big advantage of online learning is that the learner can attend the classes given by the instructors from any location. They can attend and complete an entire CISSP training course from the comfort of their home and they do not have to face the hassle and inconvenience of having to travel to the instructor's location. This way they save on travel charges too.

3. Does the certification course offer an exam pass guarantee?

Another important consideration which the learners should keep in mind is if the certification course offers an exam pass guarantee. Many certification courses simply want to get the learner to register for their course and separate them from their hard-earned money.

Once the learners have paid the money for the course the instructors or trainers of the course pay little attention to the quality of the teaching or to the extent to which the learners have understood the lessons.

They also do not pay any attention to whether the learner is in a position to clear the CISSP certification exam after completing the course. This is because there exist many unscrupulous elements in this world who seek to earn money through immoral and unethical means.

So they do not pay much attention to the quality of the lessons which they deliver and to the proficiency of the learner in cybersecurity concepts after completing the course.

But if an educational course and training provider offers an exam pass guarantee this means that the trainer will return the money the learner has paid to them for taking the CISSP course if the learner does not pass the CISSP certification exam after completing the course.

Such a guarantee ensures that the trainer will do their best to teach the learners all the core concepts and topics of the field of cybersecurity and make them as well-prepared as possible for the CISSP certification exam.

If the trainer does not do his due diligence in this regard, the learner will not be able to pass the CISSP certification exam and will therefore demand that the trainer return his hard-earned money.

4. Does the certification course advertise a high exam pass rate?

This is a very important consideration to have. The CISSP online certification course should advertise a high exam pass rate. Without a high exam pass rate, the learner can safely assume that the CISSP certification course which they are weighing in their mind is not very high quality or effective course.

If the course were effective, it would be displaying large lists of learners who have completed the course and have subsequently cleared the CISSP certification exam successfully. But if it is not the case then the learner should start thinking about leaving the course they are looking at behind and seeking out other options.

Any trainer who provides high-quality lessons on the core concepts and topics of cybersecurity will be more than eager to display the lists of learners who have taken their course and have subsequently cleared the CISSP certification exam successfully.

If they are not doing so it means that the trainer simply does not have enough learners who have completed their course and also passed the CISSP certification exam.

So it is very important that the learner only registers for CISSP certification training courses with trainers who advertise high exam pass rates.

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