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If you're writing a book, hiring an excellent editor is one of the wisest investments you can make. Good editors provide an analytical voice that can lead you to improve your book by reworking its weaker areas. Therefore, if you ask successful and experienced authors, virtually all will give high marks to top-quality book editing services. Don't fall for the misconception that editors only catch typos and grammatical errors because they do much more than that. The goal of professional editors is to help you write the best book possible. Their objective view looking from the outside gives you insightful advice.

As you weigh hiring an editor for your manuscript, it's also important to say that editing in no way questions your writing abilities. Nearly all authors are skilled writers, but it's easy to overlook things when you're close to a project that others can see quickly. Trained editors will spot and correct typos and grammar errors along with plot holes, inconsistencies among chapters, and much more. It frees you up to be the writer and spend less time pouring over your text to catch errors. The process becomes more enjoyable for you, and the path to an outstanding finished book is quicker and less tedious.

When you're considering which editor to hire, experience is always a factor. Experienced editors are more efficient because they've developed their skills over many years. In today's world, nearly every one of a higher-caliber has a well-rounded website that explains their services and skills. While there might still be a few grand old types working who won't bother launching a site, they are fewer each year, and you should expect to see a website. Genre familiarity is also crucial, and you'll want someone who has experience editing in your genre. It gives them a sharper eye for what may help you the most.

Many authors are surprised by the relatively affordable cost of high-quality editing. Of course, you want someone who is clear and transparent about their fees and also describes the level of service you'll receive for the price you want to pay. Timing is also a factor, and be sure to inquire about how long the editing process will take from beginning to end. You probably don't want someone who takes months to edit your manuscript or changes prices on you halfway through the project. Most top-rated editors are ethical and clear about their services, timeline, and fees but always ask upfront to be sure. 


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