Video Interview Platform, Your Digital HR Solution

Video interview platform provides you with a digital solution to connect with a lot of candidates worldwide

Video interview platform provides you with a digital solution to connect with a lot of candidates worldwide and shortlist the most suitable among them for in-person interviews. It makes your hiring faster, easier, more convenient, and more high-tech than traditional interviewing practices.  It allows recruiters to record interview questions once for all and let the applicant's record responses from wherever and whenever they want.  Also, video interviewing enables interviewers to review score the answers working remotely without compromising hire quality.  One-way video software helps you screen a lot of candidates at the same time without compromising the quality of hire. It saves valuable time and budget for the businesses and allows recruiters to invest their extra time digging deep into the shortlisted applicants.  A Pre-recorded video interview helps you avoid odd-fit applicants who don't match businesses' work culture and enhance hire quality. Using a video interview, you can make a better decision and select star talent for the organization.

What are the key abilities of video recruiting software?

  • A pre-recorded video interview tool is designed to make screening convenient and transform your recruitment process on a virtual platform, making hiring more effective and accurate.
  • It remotely connects you to the worldwide talent pool and saves your time and budget on hiring. You can screen many candidates simultaneously without being present in real-time, enhancing your HR team's capabilities to hire star talents.
  • One-way video interviewing platform help recruiters escape from a time-consuming one-by-one telephonic screening of the candidates and makes hiring faster and easier than ever.
  • On-demand video interviewing provides an asynchronous interviewing facility to the hiring managers. It allows participating in the interview at own comfort and time without obligation to join in real-time interviews.

How can a video interview platform transform your hiring decisions? 

With a video interview platform, you can connect with worldwide talent, increase accessibility with them 24*7 and select the most suitable talent for your company working remotely. Here let's see how digital interviewing software can transform your hiring digital:

Enable asynchronous interview feature: Using a video interview platform, you can participate in an interview remotely at your own chosen convenience and time that makes hiring more flexible and faster. For the time-tighten and passive applicants, video interviewing avails an online medium to participate in the interview from afar without wasting time and budget on travel. 

Interview function customization: A pre-recorded video interview like Jobma allows you to alter interview parameters based on your needs to ensure the chances of selecting the right-fit talent for the position. You can trailer interview functionalities such as time taken, answer length, number of takes, and many other parameters based on requirement and improve hires quality. Besides, It helps interviewers to select a candidate effectively and shift hiring on a digital. 

Reduces per hire cost:  One-way video interview remotely connects you with the global talent pool and helps you scan applicants from afar and narrow down the list of candidates for an in-person interview that finally reduces the businesses' interview rounds and hiring expenses. Also, a digital recruiting platform saves time and budget on travel and makes interviews affordable for both recruiters and applicants.

If you are also looking for video interview software to boost your HR team capabilities to hire and select star talent for the position, opt for Jobma. It is highly affordable, provides a free trial subscription for 30 days, and offers cutting-edge hiring features.  You can also visit the official website of Jobma and request a free demo to check the compatibility of the software with your HR team.


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