North America Animal Genetics Market Report Historical Market and Forecast (2019-2028), Market Dynamics, Comitative Land

The study analyses North America animal genetics market based on animals, animal genetic testing services and geography. The animal genetics is deals with the production of desirable trait for adaptability to a particular condition or disease resistance in an animal. There are diverse type

Animal genetics Market plays vital role in livestock development including animal health, animal nutrition and husbandry issues. It has wide application in characterization to conservation to genetic improvement in animals. Animal genetics is intended to be used as breeding animals to introduce desirable traits which are less prone towards common cattle diseases. It involve heredity and variation amongst farm animals as well as in domestic and wild animals. 

Market Dynamic - North America Animal Genetics Market

The factors that driving the animal genetics market in North America are increased demand for companion animals and genetic services to prevent genetic diseases and business loss. Hence the market has been seeing tremendous growth from the past few decades. Besides this, increased adoption of advanced genetic technologies animal genetics market will drive the market growth. And also, increasing use of genetically modified animals will fuel the market growth in upcoming years. Nevertheless, lack of skilled professionals to carry out genetics-related techniques in veterinary research is the major restraining factor that could hamper the growth of the market.

COVID-19 Impact on North America Animal Genetics Market Report


Due to COVID 19 outbreak lead to shut down of many industries which will negatively affect the production and supply of animal genetics products. The government in many countries had announced restrictions to transportation and travel hence, transportation of animal genetic products had declined. Besides this, during COVID 19 pandemic in many countries meat processing units were shut down this will lead to huge pressure on animal industries. As a result there is decrease in number of livestock and slow down the breeding procedure. Because of this scenario, COVID 19 has negatively affects the animal genetics market.

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North America Animal Genetics Market Segmental Overview

The study analyses North America animal genetics market based on animals, animal genetic testing services and country.

Animal Genetics Market by Animals

The animal genetics market by various animals bifurcated into Poultry, Porcine, Bovine, Canine and other animals. The poultry segment was the largest revenue generating segment in 2020 and expected to maintain its dominance during the forecast period 2021-2027 owing to, growing demand for poultry meat and eggs in many countries. Nevertheless, rise in demand for poultry industry due to increasing urbanization in North America will drive the market growth.

Animal Genetics Market by Animal Genetics Testing Services

Depending on the animal genetic testing services comprised in the animal genetics market are classified into genetic diseases tests, genetic trait tests, DNA typing and other services. The genetic trait tests is sub-classified into bovine trait tests and other animal trait tests. The genetic diseases tests segment alone accounted for more the largest market share of the North America animal genetics market. Genetic diseases in animals causes huge loss in animal’s health as well as in terms of loss of business, hence demand for genetic diseases testing in North America is increased will fuel market growth.

Animal Genetics Market by Country

Country wise, the study is comprised of the key countries such as the Unites States (US), Mexico and Canada. The US held the largest market share of North America animal genetics market and is likely to dominate the market over the estimated time frame. The country’s such as US, Mexico and Canada, surge rise in demand for animal genetics due to technological advancement in animal genetics.

Animal Genetics Market Key Players

The major key players of market includes Neogen Corporation (US), Genus (UK), URUS (US), EW Group (Germany), Groupe Grimaud (France), CRV Holding (Netherlands), Topigs Norsvin (Netherlands), Zoetis (US), Envigo (US), Hendix Genetics (Netherlands), Animal Genetics (US), VetGen (US), DanBre (Denmark), Tropical Bovine Genetics (India), Trans Ova Genetics (US), Inguran LLC dba ST Genetics (US), Semex Alliance (Canada), Genetic Veterinary Sciences (US), Cobb-Vantress (US), Milk Source (US) and Eurogene AI Services (Ireland)

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