Body Fat Measurement Market Size, Share and Industry Analysis by Product Type, by Surgery Type, by End User and Regional

Body fat measurement is essential in order to analyze the body fat accurately. A tool called body fat analyzer is used to analyze and determine the risk associated with low or high level of the body fat. The body fat measuring device is applied to the skin and a weak current is passed betw

Evaluation of body composition is an essential process in order to determine the risks associated with high or low levels of body fat.  Therefore, to analyze the body, a tool called body fat analyzer is used. This analyzer accurately assess the body fat Measurement Market and identify risk associated with health due to high or low amounts of body fat. Moreover, this device also helps to assess the effectiveness of exercise and nutrition intake according to the age. The body fat measuring device is applied to the skin and a weak current is passed between the outer two electrodes. As this high frequency current passes through the skin, the muscles and the subcutaneous fat, some amount of energy is lost due to the tissue resistance. This change in the energy is then measured with the help of two inner electrodes which help to determine the fat in the body.

Market Outlook: Global Body Fat Measurement Market


Nowadays, the evaluation of body composition has become an essential process. Increasing awareness about body weight, metabolism, and health/fitness training is anticipated to drive the market for body fat measurement. With an increasing number of people taking up sports, athletics, and body training activities, a rising number of health clubs and gym facilities is acquiring body fat measurement equipment. Deployment of these devices and equipment in the body training and healthcare sector is likely to witness an upsurge over the coming years. Moreover, the increasing number of obese people and prevalence of metabolic diseases will upsurge the market over the forecast period.

COVID-19 Impact on Body Fat Measurement Market


The outbreak of covid 19 led to the worldwide lockdown. The sedentary lifestyle of people raised the risk of obesity among the population. Also, the obesity was linked with impaired immune system which raised the risk of infections. This increased the concern among the population and raised the demand of products for effective weight management. 

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Body Fat Measurement Market Segmental Overview


Globally, the fat measurement market is segmented based upon the products, analysis techniques and the end users.


Global Body Fat Measurement Market Based Upon the Product


The various products available in the market are bioimpedance analyzers, skinfold calipers, air displacement plethysmography, dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry. The bioimpedance analyzers hold the largest market share owing to continuous technical improvement in order to meet the growing needs of individuals. Also its easy usage and cost effectiveness is adding fuel to the market growth.


Global Body Fat Measurement Market Based Upon the Analysis Technique


The various analysis techniques available in the market are hydrostatic weighing, near-infrared interactance, magnetic resonance imaging, computerized tomography. Hydrostatic weighing holds the prominent position in the market owing to its accuracy and safety.


Global Body Fat Measurement Market Based Upon the End User


The various end users of body fat measurement are hospitals and clinics, fitness and wellness centers, home users and others. Hospitals and clinic segment holds the largest share in the market. The growing number of clinics in emerging economies is anticipated to upsurge the market. However, wellness and fitness centers are anticipated to grow at faster rate during the forecast period.


Global Body Fat Measurement Market Key Players


Some of the market key players acting in the market are OMRON Corporation, AccuFitness LLC, Hologic, Inc., General Electric Company, Garmin Ltd., COSMED S.r.l., Tanita, Xiaomi, Beurer GmbH, Inbody Co. Ltd., Exertech, Bodystat Ltd.

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