YouTube Premium Family Share Not Working

If you have YouTube Premium, you can access a number of no-ad YouTube Movies & Shows titles for free. However, with a premium membership, you can stream on up to two devices at once, and with a family plan, you can use four devices simultaneously.

You can only stream music-related videos on one device at once as a YouTube Premium subscriber. Any YouTube music-related video is subject to this restriction. Consider streaming a different music-related video from a different device. A message that reads "Playback halted because your account is being utilised in another place" will appear on the first device in that situation. Playback of the second video will continue.

To get around this problem, you can have individual Google Accounts. For instance, you can sign up for a YouTube Premium family plan if multiple family members want to subscribe to YouTube Premium. The family plan's family members will all have access to YouTube Premium.

What you can do if the YouTube Premium problem on iPhone occurs is as follows:

A YouTube app update
Your device might be running an outdated version of the YouTube app if the background playing has stopped. The YouTube app has to be updated to the most recent version from the Playstore or App Store.

Check your phone settings
If you're not sure whether background data for YouTube is enabled, check your phone's settings.

Check to see if any other apps are playing audio.
The audio files must not be playing in the background if you want your YouTube Premium background play to function. Therefore, please sure to turn off all background music first.

Start the YouTube app again.
Your phone may get an error if the YouTube app is left running for an extended period of time since your YouTube premium account's background play no longer functions. Reinstalling the YouTube app is another option.

Reboot or restart your phone
We typically try this method for any app-related issues. If your phone causes the background play to be interrupted, you can either restart it or reboot it.

Try using these strategies to resolve the YouTube Premium Not Working problem. You can get in touch with YouTube Premium Support customer service if the issue continues.

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