10 Good Reasons to Have a Cashmere Blanket at Home

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Cashmere blankets are luxuriously soft and incredibly warm, making them the ideal winter accessory for anyone.



Cashmere blankets are luxuriously soft and incredibly warm, making them the ideal winter accessory for anyone. But beyond comfort, did you know there are 10 other good reasons to have a cashmere blanket in your home? Here are some of the benefits our favourite cashmere blanket offers:


  1. Cashmere is Hypoallergenic: Cashmere fibres contain natural oils that act as moisture barriers. This means they're less susceptible to mould, mildew and dust mites, making them an ideal choice for those with allergies or sensitive skin.


  1. Cashmere is Temperature-Regulating: Commonly used fabric tends to trap heat when it's cold and gets stuffy when it's hot. But a cashmere blanket regulates temperatures quickly and evenly, allowing you to stay comfortable year-round.


  1. Cashmere Is Ultra Soft: Thanks to its extra-fine fibre strands and fluffiness, Cashmere has a naturally buttery soft feel that's sure to make you feel pampered every time you snuggle up in your chair or bed with a cosy blanket made of this luxurious material.


  1. Cashmere Brings Joy: The luxury that comes with this sumptuous fabric around your home adds cheer even on dreary days – much like buying yourself a bouquet of fresh flowers!


  1. Cashmere is Durable: Cosy and plush aren't always synonymous with durability. Cashmere has both qualities, so you can rest easy knowing that your blanket will look flawless season after season. Plus, cashmere wool breathes – meaning it can handle heavy use without wearing down too quickly - so don't hesitate to use it daily!


  1. Cashmere Is Natural: Unlike synthetically derived materials often used in everyday clothing items or bedding, such as English cotton and Polyester, Cashmere is 100% natural, which means no harm comes from manufacturing or wearing/washing processes. It's also biodegradable, which means even when you're done with it, nothing goes into over-polluted landfills!


  1. Cashmere Is Sustainable: In addition to being biodegradable, Cashmere is one of the most sustainable fabrics available today since its production process involves minimal harm to animals and their habitats. Owning a high-quality cashmere Wool Blanket makes for one eco-friendly investment!


  1. Easy Care Instructions: Another great feature about adding a luxurious wool blanket made of cashmere wool fibres is how easy they are to take care of. Hand washing your valuable keeper better ensures fading discolourations. However, machine washes (in cold water) will still yield satisfactory results without requiring too much hand manoeuvring.You can learn more at gobicashmere.com


9 Blissful Sleep Quality Improvement: We all need quality sleep each night for us to remain refreshed and energetic during the day, yet few things can bring sound sleep like lusciously thick velvet comforters made out of premium grade sheep holds fur (i,e Cashmeres wool ) It's one thing practically guarantee after usage; There's just something about snuggling up into fluffy cloudlike warmth we never get restless sleep than when we have our beloved woolly softness around us.


10 Extraordinary Colour Combinations possibilities: Quality manufacturers offer an array of absolutely amazing colour blend options concerning their select designs, whether be unique geometric design patterns, single solid colours etc. They've customised the entire colour palette to suit all manner of subtle tastes preferences, so if you are seeking an extra splash of classic yet contemporary vibes, these same woolly marvels may fit the bill perfectly!





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