Will You have a Love Marriage or an Arranged Marriage?

Marriage is an important institution in society, which also distinguishes us from animals. It is not just two souls who unite in holy matrimony.

Marriage is an important institution in society, which also distinguishes us from animals. It is not just two souls who unite in holy matrimony. It brings two families together. So, getting married is not a simple matter, and it can become quite complicated at times. Earlier, arranged marriages were the norm in India. But nowadays, many youngsters prefer love marriages. The new generation wants to make its own choices in love and marriage. They don’t want to take a risk in such an important matter and regret it later. For most people, marriage is for keeps, and they want to make sure that they are marrying someone who shares their dreams and aspirations and also understands them well. Love or arranged, your life partner has already been marked out by destiny. To find out what fate has in store for you, astrology is your best bet. So if you want to know whether your marriage will be based on love or an arranged one, astrology can reveal the answers.


Arranged Marriage and Love Marriage

Love or arranged marriage – which is the best? In India, families used to arrange the marriages of their offspring since ancient times. But in modern times, many men and women want to choose their own life partners. The concept of arranged marriages helped to ensure economically and socially acceptable matches. Love was not a priority. The main concern was that the families’ interests do not suffer.


The concept has evolved with time, and now even in an arranged marriage, the couple is allowed to get to know each other before the marriage is solemnized. But it may not be satisfying for those who actually want to meet someone in a serendipitous manner, fall in love, play the dating game, go through the emotional roller-coaster ride of breakups and patch-ups before they finally tie the knot. And at this point, they are pretty sure of their choice because the relationship has endured some rough times and survived.


Love and compatibility are key to love marriages. But not all love marriages succeed either. People and circumstances can change with time, and we cannot predict what the changes will be. But astrology can. For instance, astrology can predict if a partner is likely to have an extramarital affair, or if financial stress can undermine love, or if any other factors can threaten even the most ideal love marriage.

Every individual’s destiny was written at the moment of their birth by the planets and the stars. Astrology is the science and art of interpreting the language of these celestial bodies to reveal your fate. 


Astrological Indicators of Love or Arranged Marriage

Most Hindus follow the practice of getting a Vedic birth chart soon after a child is born. This birth or natal chart is actually a diagram that shows the positions of the Sun, Moon, and other planets at the time of a person’s birth. Astrologers believe that these positions shape our character and destiny. Your Vedic Birth chart can also help you understand if your marriage will be a love or arranged marriage.


Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage Predictions

All the 12 houses of your horoscope or birth chart signify a certain part of your life. The seventh house is the significator or house of marriage. The second, fifth, and eighth houses also influence your marital life. How the planets, Venus, Jupiter, and Mars, are placed in your chart can also impact your married life. The fifth house is the house of love and romance. This house can indicate whether you will have a love marriage or an arranged marriage. The placement of a house depends on the planet occupying it and the zodiac sign that the planet is in. The placement of your fifth house says a lot about the kind of marriage you will have.


The stronger the fifth house placement, the better your chances of marrying for love. If strong emotional planets occupy the fifth house, it means that there will be other love affairs in your life. On the other hand, if there is a weak relationship between your fifth and seventh house, the chances of an arranged marriage are more. The relationship between Venus and Mars in your birth chart also determines the type of marriage. The ninth house is the house of fortune, and it controls all your fortunes. If your ninth house is favorable, your married life will be very good.

Consulting an astrologer will help you know more about your marriage prediction and its possible outcome.


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