Importance Of Kundali Milan (Horoscope Matching)

Marriage is a special lifetime bond and auspicious knot among two people that is celebrated not only by them but also both their families. Hence, it is one of the most awaited ceremonies in a person’s life.

Marriage is a special lifetime bond and auspicious knot among two people that is celebrated not only by them but also both their families. Hence, it is one of the most awaited ceremonies in a person’s life. As a first and most important step to this exclusive bonding, the birth charts of the prospective bride and groom are studied for compatibility. This is called Kundali Milan or horoscope matching. During this procedure, all the important compatibility factors are analyzed by a Vedic astrologer in understanding how successful would the marriage be. Hence, Kundali Milan is considered a very important and inevitable role in deciding the marriage among two individuals.

According to Vedic Astrology, there are 36 Gunas or compatibility factors that are matched to analyze how good and harmonious the match will be among the two people. In addition to these factors, there are also other important factors studied by a Vedic Astrologer in the horoscopes of the boy and the girl such as Dasha, Dosha, etc. to provide appropriate guidance and remedies for the marriage to be successful. The remedies can help to overcome any adverse effects of the planetary positions in the birth charts.

Why is Kundali Milan Important?

It is an age old practice and custom in India to match the horoscopes of two individuals who are to join hands in the holy matrimony. Why is the horoscope matching considered an important step in a marriage? Let’s find out:

  • Compatibility among couples

As two people get into in the sacred union of marriage, it is believed that they do not just marry each other in the current life. According to Hindu beliefs, the couple is said to remain together in their next seven lives too. Hence, the planetary positions in their birth charts can have a significant influence on their spouses’ lives after their marriage. Therefore, the destiny and luck of a person can highly impact their spouses’ too. It can either be a smooth blissful wedded life or a roller coaster ride. Hence, knowing it in advance with the help of Kundali Milan can give an understanding of the opposite person and help you make the right decision in marriage.

  • Physical and mental compatibility

The behavioral patterns and nature of the both the prospective bride and groom can be studies from the placement of planets in their birth charts. In a similar way, while matching their Kundalis, their attitude, mental state, areas of interest, and other such parameters can be analyzed and predicted. Hence, Kundali matching can help us understand how successful their marriage would be. Apart from the mental compatibility, physical compatibility among the couple is also important to sustain the special bonding. If there are any health issues, these can also be predicted with Kundali Milan. All these factors can give an idea about how the future of the couple would be in marriage and hence, Kundali Milan is considered very important.

  • Relationship Quotient

In the astrological process of matching two Kundalis or birth charts, Ashtakoot or Guna Milan, plays a vital role in analyzing the compatibility between a boy and a girl. This relationship quotient shows a detailed study of the impact the stars, their placements, and the influence they have on the bride and groom. There are eight Gunas in total, which are matched in their birth charts. Each Guna has its individual points, which when added together make a total of 36 points. For the marriage to be approved astrologically, a minimum of 18 out of 36 Gunas should be matched. The higher the score, the better are the chances of a successful marriage.

  • Financial and Family Compatibility

Every parent would look out for a financially stable person for their son or daughter while looking for marriage prospects. They would want their children to enjoy a financially secure and happy life after marriage. By analyzing the birth chart, the career future, chances of a good promotion, any financial losses or gains, etc, can be identified. In addition to this, the astrologer also analyzes how adjusting a person would be with the family members. Accepting to changes in situations, challenges, and family customs or rituals from time to time forms an important factor for marriage. Hence, to understand all these, Kundali matching for a marriage becomes inevitable. If you are to get married or facing obstacles in marriage proposals, consult our expert marriage astrologers and get appropriate remedies and solutions.

Now that you know how important Kundali matching is in a marriage and why the parents stress on it, you can consult for an expert astrologer’s guidance to understand your future partner better for leading a successful and blissful married life.

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