Top on-demand video screening and interviewing tools

With the help of this article, you can choose the best video screening tools for recruitment.

Despite the change in hiring habits during COVID-19, technology has enabled recruiting teams to connect with a variety of job seekers from around the globe. Because of the ease they offer, asynchronous video interview platforms and other recruiting solutions like ATS have become more popular. These Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) models have aided HR professionals in streamlining and speeding up the hiring process. While there are many advantages to video interviewing, selecting software solutions to make it possible can be challenging. This buying guide's objectives are to save you time, provide you with a shortlist of the top video interview tools, and give you all the essential information you require to make an informed choice. With the help of this manual, you'll be able to calculate the return on investment (ROI) of video interview software, stay clear of typical traps, and connect with the top vendors in the market.


1. Ducknowl

A software called Ducknowl makes it easier to find, evaluate, and hire outstanding people. We have devised a technique to employ technology to make this process more convenient by letting you concentrate on the applicants who are most suitable for your job because we understand how valuable your time is. Because it permits video interviews and is equipped with skill evaluation tools, Ducknowl is a well-liked application. The flexibility to modify many elements to your preferences is the standout feature. And the hiring manager can customize both of these tasks to be as loose or detailed as they desire. The top video interviewing platform, Ducknowl, offers a complete recruiting suite that assists businesses in simultaneously resolving many recruiting issues. Ducknowl has received favorable feedback from clients and the ability to interact with third-party programs like ATS. They also adored how much simpler it makes it to analyze applicants. For businesses of all sizes, Ducknowl is the top option.


2. OutMatch

With the help of OutMatch Video, hiring managers can conduct both on-demand and live video interviews with potential employees. It also offers connections with popular applicant tracking systems (ATSs) like iCIMS, Taleo, and Greenhouse. Their platform offers structured, collaborative interviewing throughout an organization, has recruiting branding elements, and can be quickly adopted. Even panel or group interviews can be supported by OutMatch's live interviewing technology. Subway, Panera, and 7-Eleven are among their clients.


3. Hinterview

"Video tool designed by recruiters, for recruiters," claims Hinterview. The platform provides a work environment that encourages recruiters to pay attention to their clients' experiences as well as their applicants. For your applicants, clients, and even your own marketing, you could make and edit customized one-way movies. You can use Hinterview's dedicated client site to make sure your client is aware of all updates in real time. With the help of this tool, you can give hiring managers access to candidate shortlists, which they can then examine, comment on, and interview under a single dashboard. Additionally, it enables you to shoot and share two-way videos with applicants and hiring managers from any location and on any device without the need for downloads. What else? By concentrating primarily on applicants who are qualified for the position, you can hasten the hiring process. Using campaigns and pre-made questions, recruiters can quickly evaluate potential candidates, boosting productivity and saving time.


4. RecRight

RecRight is the tool for you if what you're looking for in a video interview software is a tool that will speed up the hiring process. One-on-one interviews, a candidate site, interview management, virtual/pre-recorded interviews, and many other features are among its main characteristics. This video interview software's free trial period is one feature that clients adore. This will demonstrate to hiring managers and recruiters whether it is compatible with their interviewing procedure. However, it is clear from the response that RecRight works flawlessly with all sizes of businesses.

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