Do you still hesitate to purchase a pressure cooker

Humm, let's us guess your concerns:

1. Pressure cookers are expensive

Yes! It is true that a pressure cooker costs more than other cooking tools, but the thing is that a pressure cooker can be used to replace a pan, a rice cooker, a steamer, and a slow cooker. In other words, this cooker is equivalent to a combination of other tools, and it is CHEAPER to buy a single pressure cooker compared to buying a set of tools like that.

2. Pressure cookers require more care

Yes! But again, a pressure cooker itself requires LESS care than a combination of a slow cooker, a rice cooker, a steamer, and a pan, definitely! Also, taking care of a pressure cooker is not as complicated as you think. Basically, to keep your machine with you longer, what you need to do is:

- Give it enough liquid to create steam;
- Do not overfill it;
- Wash it right (be aware that its lid is not designed for the dishwasher) and store it dry.

3. The taste of your food

If you think the taste of food cooked by a pressure cooker is not as delicious as a slow one, then you are wrong! On the contrary, food cooked by a pressure cooker is more nutritious as it can retain vitamins and minerals (as the steam is kept inside the cooker) and is more delicious thanks to proper heat controlled automatically when you set the program.

4. Limited recipes

It is a myth that pressure cookers can only work for limited recipes. Instead, you can cook for various things, such as:

- Rice and related things;
- Stews;
- Meat, even frozen one or tough one;
- Vegetables and mushrooms;
- Fruits;
- Cakes like pudding, cheesecakes,…

So now you have made up your mind about buying this magic cooker. It is time to get through things to consider when choosing a pressure cooker:

- Size: normally, a small family of 2-4 people needs a 6-quart cooker; for a bigger family, 8-quart might be needed. Also, remember that you can never fill the cooker full, a maximum two thirds of the cooker.

- Durability: stainless steel cooker is more durable than an aluminum one. We also notice that lots of people look for second hand cookers; however, you never know how it has been taken care of, and when some of its parts fail to perform, it can be super dangerous. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you opt for a new one.

- Reading instruction is essential: there are various brands of pressure cookers on the market, each brand has multiple models, so it is worth spending time reading the product manual to see how to use and maintain your cooker properly.

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