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Visitor management By OneStop 
Visitor management refers to the process of tracking and controlling access to a building, facility, or premises by visitors. It typically involves registering the personal and contact information of visitors, verifying their identity etc.
The goal of visitor management system is to ensure the security and safety of the building, its occupants, and assets, while also providing a professional and welcoming experience to visitors.
A gatepass software is a type of software used to manage the movement of people, vehicles, and goods in and out of an organization or restricted area. It typically involves recording the entry and exit time, the purpose of the visit, and other relevant information of the individuals.
The Visitor gate pass software may also have features such as automatic alerts, real-time monitoring, and reporting capabilities to help manage and control the flow of traffic.
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Visitor Management System? How It Works -OneStop

Visitor Management System? How It Works -OneStop

Visitor management system is the process of digitally tracking and managing visitors who enter your building or your office. "Visitor Management System" provides an efficient method of managing visitors.