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Can everyone become milionaire by useing ChatGPT?
NOPE Although I wanna to be.

I work for an electronic components supplier.

It is different from other sales jobs, because other sales jobs are to know and understand products and then sell them to customers. But our industry can’t do this, because each product only knows the model of the product, and there are thousands of models, we can’t remember that many, and we don’t even know what the product looks like.

I have been very distressed, when the customer gives me a model, how do I know what it is, what it is used for, and what is its working principle.

Last week,I was looking for a certain model of product on the Quarktwin website, and there are very detailed information on the website.I admired them very much, so I asked them how they did it.

They recommended ChatGPT to me and taught me how to use it.

Altought we are the same role in electronic components area, but they really nice to me and hope we can have a chance to work with Quarktwin.