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ARGENTAS is developing a future payment network and having some of their future global currency reserved for early adopters. This all is by invitation only.

I received AXU 4,418.98 when I first joined.
Today I have AXU 19,149.
That's worth AXU 4,418.98 is worth $4,419 as a New registered member. SO CAN YOU!

You are allowed 6 additional referrals. Be Happy my Friends!
Just click this link: https://argentas.io/users/invi....te.php?invite=B06952

You also earn reward of more than AXU 2,946 per friend


Argentas revolutionizes money, banking and payments. As a powerful new generation technology project, Argentas combines the best of blockchain and other financial technologies for a platform for global digital currency, payments and bridge banking entitie.