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Getting Started with Cryptocurrency Lesson 2: Faucets

Now that you have set up your wallet let's get some free crypto in there. Let's get you on track to your journey of enjoying the high yields that can be earned from Holding crypto currency.

Faucets are ways to earn fractional portions of cryptocurrency by visiting a site daily and completing simple task like clicking a recaptcha. Once you do the task a certain amount of crypto currency is released to you and that is it. Most faucets you can visit one time per day and get your fractional crypto. This will not get you rich but it will further help you understand how cryptocurrency works.

Now let's get started: Go to this site:https://www.pipeflare.io/r/44 now open your Guarda wallet. Go to the tab that says receive and click on the name of the coin on the website. That show a pull down with a QR code and a very long mix of letters and numbers. Copy those letters and numbers. Then go back to the faucet site and put those letters and numbers in the space that ask for your wallet address. Do that for all three different coins on that site. Finish the task that they offer which is a recaptcha and it will show you how much of each coin you have earned. Look in your Guarda wallet tomorrow and the coins will be there. Do this daily to earn more. Any questions inbox me.