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Crytpto.com The ease of use Wallet.

I love Crypto.com! It is my absolute favorite way to buy some of the most traded cryptocurrencies. They offer 7 fiat and 70 cryptocurrencies to buy and sell. You can use your Debit or Credit Card to Fund your account and get started. After your account is funded you can use your Crypto.com MCO Visa card anytime to access those funds. If you have friends with the Crypto.com App you can send crypto to them without any fees.

The Crypto.com MCO visa card comes with so many perks depending on how many CRO coins you hold. The first-tier Blue card is for people with less than 1000 CRO coins. With this card you still get 1% back on all of your spending and no fee ATM withdrawals up to $200. There are five different cards depending on how much CRO you hold and the perks include free Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

Holding CRO coins also earns you interest if you stake them. Staking 1000 CRO will earn you up to 6% interest. You can also Swap and farm Defi coins to increase your crypto assets. Crypto.com is one of the most complete wallets on the market with the security and stability to help you grow your cryptocurrency holdings.

They have a current promotion where you can get $50 in CRO coins if you Stake 1000 CRO coins using my link and referral code. That’s about $162.00 at the current rate. Earning at 6% interest. I'm sure your traditional saving account isn't offering those rates.

Get $50 in CRO when you stake 1000 CRO with this link and referral code: https://platinum.crypto.com/r/skphwbwyam USE CODE: skphwbwyam