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Limited offer is valid only till 08/23/2020 11:59 pm

Due to the company development and cooperation with ChainLink, our management decided to launch a bonus week.

The fee for activating automatic trading will be charged from August 17 to August 23.
You can activate the bot for free. There's more!
+10% of the order amount is added to each automatic order for the next 7 days.

For example:
You have opened an order for 10 BTC, your order size will be 11BTC. More for ChainLink. If you open a transaction using LINK, you get +20% of the order amount.

Don't miss this chance, all subsequent bonuses will be much smaller. This is your chance to learn how automatic orders work without paying for activation, and you will also get a bonus to the order amount.

Thank you for staying with us.
3ARBS team. https://3arbs.com/en/invite/5eae8325871f5/